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  • Placing my hand over my forehead and third eye area, i closed my eyes, and saw, I was in a strange room… standing at the base of a huge dark step pyramid ship..

    as I stepped onto the first […]

    • I had been pondering on this one for a while, was it a ship? …… hmm, then i kept getting reminder s about this vision, ie quiz show on tv, but it really hit home and my third eye reopened, after i found a post, and video on youtube , The Ra Download ” 12 strand crystalline DNA activation by EldoRa & Siman , WOW…… did I get emotional, had shivers , tingles, and silent weeping, floods of tears, hehe, smiles,

  • I worked on this chakra in two parts, first placing my hand over my lower throat upper chest, area…..

    I found myself in what looked like an office, it was very gloomy dim and grey, […]

    • As to my throat, and thymus, it has been really stuffy, and stifled, wearing a mask, making it hard to breath, drying the throat out, causing communication difficulties, hense the dry ice tunnel. and dusty office, and my inability for a time now to blog or share my journey until now… smiles, the other day a wonderful westerly wind was blowing, and i stood out in it, my throat felt dry, and I worked on tapping my merideans, and then suddenly I was able to blog again, and type on social media, smiles,

      As to my other communcation problems, still ongoing, the past few days had a sore dry throat, and earache, and been having sleep apnea, I am also half deaf. I just realized, that with this cold/flu virus, thats what the ice tunnel represented, and i have been working on unblocking my ear, and throat, then , I found a hole scar on my neck near my voice box, also showing that ive had spiritual astral surgery, to help clear and heal my throat. after a few days of using herbs, and naturel methods ive also gotten rid of my earache.

  • Moving my hand gently over my heart, I entered the heart area…

    Loving this area had been here severel times before in the past to heal and reco-operate, for me its like a living sanctum, a […]

    • Noticing that in this visual exercise…. room, everything was still and stagnating, which was showing me, my sadness, that my life seems to have come to a halt, and didnt seem to be moving or going anywhere…

  • Placing my hand gently over my upper abdomen area… Gut. and closing my eyes… I entered the next room.

    Again, it felt closed and shut off, silent, and still, and was like a cosy cottage […]

    • im not going to dwell yet on what the closed doors and the angel guarding them meant, hehe, whether its other rooms in my solar plexas i need to explore, or my actual exit points hmm, smiles ….. realizing now… that its here….this room was referring to a timeframe or and event, Mabon, Autumn Equinox . As I ve been feeling much better and had more energy, I have been drying flowers and herbs, making pot pourri, bottling and pickling, and marmalade making, which is cheering me up and giving me insentive.
      My sunflowers are finally flowering to. hehe, smiles,

  • Again, I shifted my intent to the next room, placing my hand gently over my belly button area, taking deep breathe,s and relaxing, I drifted into my sacrel chakra….

    I was in a pitch back […]

    • I had been still pondering the upturned and reflected umbrella, in the still black water, for a few days, last night had a dream, and had been told to eat yogurt, also, in the dream, had three white marks in my belly button… which got me thinking, belly button, umbelical cord, umbrella, and dark waters,cavern. womb, the white patches reminded me of candida virus, and yogurt is often recommended to eat when someone has thrush, so im now researching the candida diet, i dont have thrush or any obvious signs, of it, but i do bloat, and swell alot, suffer joint pains, and urinery tract infections,. again, my inner vision, had pointed me to another of my internal health issues and how to heal from it, smiles, otheer thoughts on this room… were… as above, so below, as without, so within…. and the umbrella being a term, used to express a whole series of definitions, of diagnosis, or fractuals, as to the problems and illness I was experiencing, as the umbrella was reflected in the black glass lake, but in reverse, of the upper. possibly showing my my upper body energy chakras, and lower body energy chakra,s …. more thoughts on that later… smiles,

  • As I closed my eyes, and gently placed my hand over my lower abdomen, taking a deep breath, I set my intention, to enter into my root chakra… as I entered, I thought about opening and re-activating, […]

    • For a while now i’ve been in a bit of a depression, as my soulmate of 5 yrs passed away, 2 months ago, I believed he was my twin, in any case, we had an awesome close and telepathic spiritual connection, even though, living miles away from each other, me being in the UK and him US, and only contact via internet and astral. Since then I had been feeling ill, and low, and getting pains, in my back and shoulder, and alot of heart burn. Coming across this tomb in my root chakra, made alot of sense, and showed me that its my grieving, thats making me ill, and, closed off from society, even making me want to abandon, the internet, rebel and dissociate from life, this is an attempt to fix myself, first working, on my shadows, inner work, smiles,……. since my chakra visualization, ive been getting signs, and reminders about that which I had seen, and been shown within, eg, i had the inclination to go gather Rosehips, and then made a batch of rosehip syrup, on researching rosehips health benefits I found, that they helped with alot of my health issue, symptoms, ie back pain, arthritus, boosting low immunity, then i realized it was a rose bush , that was covering the tomb in my vision,

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Shadow work a visualization exercise part VII- September 07 2020 Crown

placing my hand over my head and crown chakra, I saw what looked like a flat brown hat, as I stepped over to the hat, the side grew up in points like a crown, and turned golden, then walking through the center, of the crown, I found I was in a very dark park, on …

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Shadow work a visualization exercise, part VI- September 07, 2020 Third Eye

Placing my hand over my forehead and third eye area, i closed my eyes, and saw, I was in a strange room… standing at the base of a huge dark step pyramid ship.. as I stepped onto the first step, neon lights on that step either side, lit up, as I progressed up the pyramid …

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Shadow work a visualization exercise part V- September 07, 2020 Thymus and throat,

I worked on this chakra in two parts, first placing my hand over my lower throat upper chest, area….. I found myself in what looked like an office, it was very gloomy dim and grey, everything stuffy closed off and very very dusty, chokingly so…. in the center of the office were desks with old …

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