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Hello Everyone

Hi everyone, My name is Adam and I'm excited to connect with a community that shares an interest in their spirituality.
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Training the Ego 5 – Living in the Now

Training the Ego - 5. Living in the Now An awful lot of people concern themselves far too much with the
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Dealing with Emotional Attachments

Dealing with Emotional Attachments When we deny emotions and feelings from self, we find ourselves requiring those emotions and feelings from
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My Truth is not your Truth; Let’s celebrate that!

There are many truths, in my view there is a different truth in each of us, and that fascinates me. As
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Group Meditation for the Awakening of Humanity to it’s True Authentic Self

Group Meditation for the Awakening of Humanity to True Authentic Self While there are many positive ambitions we can have regarding
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The Role of Belief Systems

The role of belief systems Your world revolves around belief systems, belief systems are a critical and key part of life,
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Working with Intuition

Working with intuition Once you have cleared your mind of its clutter, there is room to start exploring self, and the
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Shamanism: Soul Splits and Soul Retrieval

Shamanism; Soul Splits and Soul Retrieval In Shamanic terms, when a trauma causes the individual to reject an aspect of self,
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Find your Truth
Are you looking for inspiration, for happiness and a life free from worry? Or have you discovered secrets to a joyful life you would love to share?

We believe that looking within to find our own truth is the way to become inspired and joyful people, and here we share and help each other get there!

Awakening to the Truth of Self is a social networking site for people seeking their truth, it is also a collective blogging site for those that are further along their journey.


Register today, its free and you will get help and advice, make new friends and most importantly, find out more about who you really are! You get access to our free spiritual chat, forums, groups, images, videos and a whole lot more!

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Training the Ego

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Gemini

crescent moon buttonGemini sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through witty Gemini today. Call, text, send email, write letters. Visit someone you've missed. Watch a movie and talk about it at a coffee shop. Be out and about. Don't sleep in.


Cosmic Wisdom

The point of activating sacred sites is to transform the psychic energy of the human species in resonance with a cosmic template or map planted on the Earth.

26 May 2017, day 25 of Moon 11, Spectral Moon (2 May - 29 May)


Fun Facts

There is a law on the books of Detroit, Michigan that states that "Alligators may not be tied to fire hydrants."


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Sun in Gemini
2 degrees
Moon in Gemini
14 degrees
New Moon
New Moon
0 days old
No one saves us but ourselves No one can and no one may We ourselves must walk the path

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Divine Feminine & Masculine Reunited Oracle Deck

Hello beautiful souls, just thought I’d share a beautiful image a friend shared from an oracle deck she’s creating. Not sure if the image comes through clearly, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether this is something that appeals to you Thanks, Adam Like1+

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Hello Everyone

Hi everyone, My name is Adam and I’m excited to connect with a community that shares an interest in their spirituality. Feel free to say hi at any time. Thanks. Like0

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