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Syncretism in early Christianity

This article explains how the syncretism observed in early Christianity, where elements of Roman, Hellenistic and other religions were integrated into Christian practices, means that in many Christian places of worship, traces of earlier, pagan beliefs can be found, and that many churches and local Christian customs are directly connected to those earlier beliefs.

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Continuity of custom in spiritual and religious practices

Continuity of custom in the context of changing religious and spiritual beliefs refers to the enduring elements of a culture’s traditions, practices, and values that persist even as new beliefs and practices emerge.

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The hidden role of Lilith and those other dark things

Lilith is a figure shrouded in mystery and steeped in various mythologies and folklore

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Sulis was a deity revered in the ancient Celtic religion as the goddess of the thermal springs in Bath, known to the Romans as Aquae Sulis, meaning “the waters of Sulis.” Her worship was likely rooted in the belief that these hot springs had healing properties, and she was venerated as a life-giving mother goddess …

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