Dancing with the pale knight

I could make out a vague shape, a white horse, stamping its feet, and moving from side to side in agitation.  I thought, telepathically, to the apparition, Holographically sensing, the details, of the horse, more than, actually seeing it.

“ Can I see you? manifest for me, please,”   “um”, then, feeling apprehensive, “ “on second thoughts, maybe best I see you, energetically,  holographically, telepathically.”  Still to scared, to actually see, even though, I have seen manifestations, before, with my eyes open.

So settling back comfortably, in my bed, all the time sending out loving intentions, I closed my eyes, and looked in the direction, of the light and energy, I was sensing.

I saw, in my third eye vision, energetically, with my eyes shut, a wonderful, white blue light, glowing softly, hovering above my bed slightly, to my right, the apparition gradually, manifested more brightly, and I saw it was sitting on or part of a white horse, I could make out what could be ragged,  white wings, or a white cloak. Seeming  to float, silently, softly.

“ Beautiful”, I breathed a sigh, smiling, as I thought, telepathically to the Angel.

Then, I asked, who he was, as I looked through my third eye vision, he turned his head slightly, which was covered in a soft white  hood, the flickering, glow, shone briefly, on his face,  “OH”   I said out loud, as I caught a glimpse, of the bleached white bones, of his jaw.  O.O   recognising the angel of death.

Panicking a little, “ekk”, was my time up, was he here for me? I asked him, silently in my mind, my heart beating wildly, thumping so loudly, I could nt hear myself think.   My whole   body and bed vibrating with my heartbeat. He floated, briefly near to me, then, silently faded away.

Now , obviously, to scared now to go to sleep, thinking this was it for me. My thoughts in chaos, I got out of bed and put my pyjamas, on, not wanting my family, to find me in bed,dead ,naked, eww, o.o ,  then, I needed a wee, so got up, my son was still awake, so had a cuddle, went back to bed again, to try to sleep,  had a sip of water, mouth was dry, and then, needed another, wee. So up and down, 4 times, nervously.

My higher self, then, started to try to reason with me, as I was still panicking thinking I would die in my sleep. Anyway I gradually, drifted into a deep sleep at midnight, after much praying, and reasoning with myself, my main, worries being, about leaving, my boys, and sister, knowing, how heartbroken, they would, be, but also, knowing, that I have to detach, myself and let go, in love as one day, will have to leave, them.

Thankfully,  woke up at 6am, 😀 my times not up yet, but was a lesson, a test for me, also a sign.

A few weeks, before, I had seen, Arch Angel Michael, in a vision, on a white horse, whilst I had been meditaing, under my tree, in the fields, he had saluted me, with his sword. Now ive seen the Angel of Death, on a white horse,  thankfully, he didn’t point at me, and incidently, he doesn’t, look anything like the depictions of the Grim Reaper, on the tv, and movies.

I will leave you to surmise, what the message may have meant….. ~Seaopal 2012


Ughhh!!!, damn it,   nice thing to wake, me up, Death, sitting on a throne, wearing,a santa claus, hat, eeeeeeee o.o

dry bone skull face, grinning, watching, the fun. while his horse a pale boney horse sits next to him, watching also,

he looked at me then, i woke, up, with a jump. With the song

“Lord of the dance”,  in my head, o.o   – Seaopal 2013


The shadows, gathered around me, in the dusk of the night,  as I drifted  into sleep, my attention, was caught by a soft glowing form, floating  around me, in  the  pale moonlight.

  Forming, into a figure, with a billowing ragged cape, tattered and torn,  like immense, and powerful  wings. His  hood, softly falling over his face, a pale, glowing skull, dark, hollow eyes sockets, watching with an empty stare.
 I felt his embrace, wrapping me in his arms, in  loving display,  soothing my fears.   He held me gently, as I  felt him lifting me,  we glided, into the clouds, and there  I was,  dancing with the pale Knight.    It  seemed like an eternity, we danced, in our loving ways.  Swaying, with  hypnotic  rythmn,  as time was delayed.
  He gathered me in his arms, again, as we drifted back down, to were my body laid.    As I turned,  over in my sleep, still wrapped, in his embrace.  The  shadows,  gathered around me, as he floated away. And I slept, til the light of day.  ~Seaopal 2014

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      The shadows, gathered around me, in the dusk of the night,  as I drifted  into sleep, my attention, was caught by a soft glowing form, floating
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    That’s so poetic, it’s very beautiful.


    Liked this , especially liked the poem 🙂

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