Law of One via ‘RA’ on Chakra’s, Kindulini, 7 True Body Rays and Meditation

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Law of One

Below are articles from the perspective of ‘RA’. All articles were taken from channelings with ‘RA’.

  • Chakras:

    “When an entity comes into 3rd-Density incarnation, each of its energy centres (chakras) is potentiated but must be activated by the self using experience.”

    “The first balancing (of an incarnate individual) is of the Earth vibratory energy complex, called the red-ray complex (1st Chakra). An understanding and acceptance of this energy (survival) is fundamental. The next energy complex (chakra) which may be blocked is the personal complex, also known as the orange-ray complex (2nd Chakra). This blockage will often demonstrate itself as personal eccentricities or distortions with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self.”

    “The third blockage is the yellow-ray or solar plexus centre (3rd Chakra). Blockages in this centre will often manifest as distortions toward power manipulation and other social behaviours concerning those close and those associated with the mind/body/spirit complex (the person). Those with blockages in these first 3 energy centres or nexi (chakras below the diaphragm) will have continuing difficulties in ability to further their seeking of the Law of One.”

    “The centre of heart or green-ray (4th Chakra) is the centre from which 3rd Density beings may springboard to Infinite Intelligence. Blockages in this area may manifest as difficulties in expressing what you may call universal love or compassion. The awareness of all as Creator is that which opens the green-ray energy centre.”

    “The blue-ray centre of energy streaming (5th Chakra) is the centre which, for the first time, is outgoing as well as in pouring. Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping the spirit/mind complexes of its own entity and further difficulty in expressing such understandings of self. Entities blocked in this area may have difficulties in accepting communication from other mind/body/spirit complexes (people). There is always some difficulty in penetrating blue primary energy (activating the 5th Chakra), for it requires that which your people have in great paucity, that is, honesty. Blue ray is the ray of free communication with self and with other-self (another).”

    “The next centre is the pineal or indigo-ray centre (6th Chakra). Those blocked in this centre may experience a lessening of the influx of intelligent energy due to manifestations which appear as unworthiness. The indigo-ray balancing is quite central to the type of work which revolves about the spirit complex, which has its influx then into the transformation or transmutation of 3rd Density to 4th Density, it being the energy centre (chakra) receiving the least distorted outpourings of Love/Light from intelligent energy and also the potential for the key to the gateway of Intelligent Infinity.”

    “The indigo ray is that ray worked upon only by the Adept, as you would call it. It is the gateway to Intelligent Infinity, bringing intelligent energy through. This is the energy centre (6th Chakra) worked upon in those teachings considered inner, hidden, and occult, for this ray is that which is infinite in its possibilities. As you are aware, those who heal, teach, and work for The Creator in any way which may be seen to be both radiant and balanced are those activities which are indigo ray.”

    “The indigo centre (6th Chakra) is, indeed, most important for the work of the Adept, however it cannot, no matter how crystallized, correct to any extent whatsoever imbalances or blockages in other energy centres. They must needs be cleared seriatum from red (1st Chakra) upwards.” (The clearing and unblocking of the 7 Major Chakras must proceed from the 1st Chakra to the 7th Chakra sequentially.)

    “The remaining centre of energy influx (7th Chakra) is simply the total expression of the entity’s vibratory complex of mind, body, and spirit. Whatever the distortion may be, it cannot be manipulated as can the others and, therefore, has no particular importance in viewing the balancing of an entity. The violet ray (centre) is a thermometer or indicator of the whole.”

    “When We see many of the energy plexi (chakras) weakened and blocked, We may understand that an entity has not yet grasped the baton and begun the race (of evolutionary progress), however the potentials are always there. All the rays (energies of the chakras) fully balanced are there in waiting to be activated. In the fully-potentiated entity the rays (energies emitted by the opened and activated chakras) mount one upon the other with equal vibratory brilliance and scintillating sheen until the surrounding color is white (the entity radiates White Light). This is what you may call potentiated balance in 3rd Density.”

    “It is necessary for graduation across Densities (to be harvested) for the primary energy centres (the 7 Major Chakras) to be functioning in such a way as to communicate with Intelligent Infinity and to appreciate and bask in this Light in all of its purity, however to fully activate each energy centre (chakra) is the mastery of few, for each centre has a variable speed of rotation or activity. The important observation to be made once all necessary centres are activated to the minimal necessary degree is the harmony and balance between these energy centres.”

    “Each energy centre (chakra) has a wide range of rotational speed or brilliance. The more strongly the will of the entity concentrates upon and refines or purifies each energy centre, the more brilliant or rotationally active each energy centre will be. It is not necessary for the energy centres to be activated in order (from 1st to 7th) in the case of the Self-aware entity (those who have come to a realization of the Higher Self). Thusly, entities may have extremely brilliant energy centres while being quite unbalanced in the violet ray aspect (the energies of the 7th or Crown Chakra) due to the lack of attention paid to the totality of experience of the entity.”

    “The brilliance or rotational speed of the energy centres is not considered above the balanced aspect or violet-ray manifestation (7th Chakra) of an entity in regarding harvest-ability; for those entities which are unbalanced, especially as to the primary rays, will not be capable of sustaining the impact of the Love and Light of Intelligent Infinity to the extent necessary for Harvest. The important thing for Harvest is the harmonious balance between the various energy centres of the mind/body/spirit complex (incarnate entity).” (The balanced activation of the 7 Major Chakras is more important in achieving Harvest than the brilliance of individual chakras.)

    “Some of your peoples work with the energy centres (chakras), and you call this acupuncture, however it is to be noted that there are most often anomalies in the placement of the energy centres so that the scientific precision of this practice is brought into question. Like most scientific attempts at precision, it fails to take into account the unique qualities of each creation (each individual).”

    “The in-streamings of energy (during meditation) are felt by the energy centres (chakras) which need and are prepared for activation. Thus, those who feel the stimulation at violet ray level (7th Chakra) are getting just that. Those feeling it within the forehead between the brows are experiencing indigo ray (6th Chakra) and so forth. Those experiencing tinglings and visual images are having some blockage in the energy centre being activated. Those not desirous of experiencing these sensations and activations and changes, even upon the subconscious level, will not experience anything due to their abilities at defence and armouring against change.”

    “The most normal for the Adept is the following: the indigo (6th Chakra) stimulation, activating that great gateway into healing, magical work, prayerful attention, and the radiance of being; and the stimulation of the violet ray (7th Chakra), which is the spiritual giving and taking from and to Creator, from Creator to Creator. This is a desireable configuration.”

    “There is great art in the use of the swung crystal (suspended on a string like a pendulum). You would do well to work with the unpowerful crystals in ascertaining not only the physical major energy centres (the 7 major chakras of the aetheric body) but also the physical secondary and tertiary energy centres (the minor chakras of the aetheric body). You may use any dangling weight of symmetrical form, for your purpose is not to disturb or manipulate these energy centres but merely to locate them and become aware of what they feel like when in a balanced state and when in an unbalanced or blocked state.”

    “The circular motion (clockwise or counter-clockwise) shows an unblocked energy centre, however some entities are polarized the reverse of others and, therefore, it is well to test the form of normal energy spirals. The test is done by first holding the weight (crystal) over your own hand and observing your particular configuration. Then using the other-self’s hand, repeat the procedure.”

    “The weak back-and-forth (linear) motion indicates a partial blockage although not a complete blockage. The strong back-and-forth motion indicates the reverse of blockage, which is over-stimulation of a chakra or energy centre, which is occurring in order to attempt to balance some difficulty in body or mind complex activity. This condition is not helpful to the entity, as it is unbalanced.”

  • Kundalini:

    “The most important concept to grasp about the energy field (of each entity) is that the lower or negative pole (1st or Root Chakra) will draw the universal energy into itself from the Cosmos. Therefrom it will move upward (through the Sushumna) to be met and reacted to by the positive spiraling energy moving downward from within (from the 7th or Crown Chakra). The measure of an entity’s level of ray activity (major chakra of dominant expression) is the locus wherein the south-pole outer energy has been met by the inner spiraling positive energy (the chakra where the two meet).”

    “As the entity grows more polarized (either positive or negative), this locus will move upwards. This phenomenon has been called by your peoples the Kundalini, however it may better be thought of as the meeting place of cosmic and inner, shall we say, vibratory understanding. To attempt to raise the locus of this meeting (to a particular chakra) without realizing the metaphysical principles of magnetism upon which this depends is to invite great imbalance.”

    “The metaphor of the coiled serpent being called upwards is vastly appropriate for consideration by your peoples. This is what you are attempting when you seek, however there are great misapprehensions concerning this metaphor and the nature of pursuing its goal. We have two types of energy. We are attempting, then, to move the meeting place of inner and outer natures further and further along or upward along the energy centers (chakras).”

    “The two methods of approaching this with sensible method are, first, the seating within one’s self of those experiences which are attracted to the entity through the south pole (1st Chakra). Each experience will need to be observed, experienced, balanced, accepted, and seated within the individual. As the entity grows in self-acceptance and awareness of catalyst (experience which promotes polarization), the location of the comfortable seating of these experiences will rise to the new true color entity (chakra level). The experience, whatever it may be, will be seated in red ray (1st Chakra) and considered as to its survival content and so forth.”

    “Each experience will be sequentially understood by the growing and seeking mind/body/spirit complex (individual) in terms of survival (1st Chakra), then in terms of personal identity (2nd Chakra), then in terms of social relations (3rd Chakra), then in terms of universal love (4th Chakra), then in terms of how the experience may beget free communication (5th Chakra), then in terms of how the experience may be linked to universal energies (6th Chakra), and finally in terms of the sacramental nature of each experience (7th Chakra).”

    “Meanwhile The Creator lies within. In the north pole (7th Chakra) the crown is already upon the head, and the entity is potentially a god. This energy is brought into being by the humble and trusting acceptance of this energy through meditation and contemplation of the self and of The Creator. Where these energies meet is where the serpent will have achieved its height. When this uncoiled energy approaches universal love and radiant being (4th Chakra), the entity is in a state whereby the harvestability of the entity comes nigh.”

    “The south or negative pole (1st Chakra) is one which attracts. It pulls unto itself those things magnetized to it. So with the mind/body/spirit complex (the person). The in-flow of experience is of the south pole influx. You may consider this a simplistic statement. The red ray or foundation energy center, being the lowest or root energy center of the physical vehicle, will have the first opportunity to react to any experience. In this way only, you may see a physical locus of the south pole being identified with the root energy center. In every facet of mind and body, the root or foundation will be given the opportunity to function first.”

    “What is this opportunity but survival? This is the root possibility of response and may be found to be characteristic of the basic functions of both mind and body. You will find this instinct the strongest, and once this is balanced, much is open to the seeker. The south pole then ceases blocking the experiential data, and higher energy centers (higher chakras) of mind and body become availed of the opportunity to use the experience drawn to it.”

  • The Law of One via ‘Ra’ on the 7 Ray bodies

    The interrelationships of the various bodies and each body’s effects in various situations is an enormous study. However, we shall begin by referring your minds back to the spectrum of true colors and the usage of this understanding in grasping the various densities of your octave.

    We have the number seven repeated from the macrocosm to the microcosm in structure and experience. Therefore, it would only be expected that there would be seven basic bodies which we would perhaps be most lucid by stating as red-ray body, etc. However, we are aware that you wish to correspond these bodies mentioned with the color rays. This will be confusing, for various teachers have offered their teach/learning understanding in various terms. Thus one may name a subtle body one thing and another find a different name.

    The red-ray body is your chemical body. However, it is not the body which you have as clothing in the physical. It is the unconstructed material of the body, the elemental body without form. This basic unformed material body is important to understand for there are healings which may be carried out by the simple understanding of the elements present in the physical vehicle.

    The orange-ray body is the physical body complex. This body complex is still not the body you inhabit but rather the body formed without self-awareness, the body in the womb before the spirit/mind complex enters. This body may live without the inhabitation of the mind and spirit complexes. However, it seldom does so.

    The yellow-ray body is your physical vehicle which you know of at this time and in which you experience catalyst. This body has the mind/body/spirit characteristics and is equal to the physical illusion, as you have called it.

    The green-ray body is that body which may be seen in séance when what you call ectoplasm is furnished. This is a lighter body packed more densely with life. You may call this the astral body following some other teachings. Others have called this same body the etheric body. However, this is not correct in the sense that the etheric body is that body of gateway wherein intelligent energy is able to mold the mind/body/spirit complex.

    The light body or blue-ray body may be called the devachanic body. There are many other names for this body especially in your so-called Indian Sutras or writings, for there are those among these peoples which have explored these regions and understand the various types of devachanic bodies. There are many, many types of bodies in each density, much like your own.

    The indigo-ray body which we choose to call the etheric body is, as we have said, the gateway body. In this body form is substance and you may only see this body as that of light as it may mold itself as it desires.

    The violet-ray body may perhaps be understood as what you might call the Buddha body or that body which is complete.

    Each of these bodies has an effect upon your mind/body/spirit complex in your life beingness. The interrelationships, as we have said, are many and complex.


    We have 7 bodies (physical, elemental, astral, etheric etc..) and each corresponds to a Ray of color. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet (which matches our base chakra system). Each colored body has purpose and design. The interaction between these True Color Ray Bodies directly effects our beingness, experiences, responses and perceptions of our reality.

    My synapsis

    If one has problems with their chakras would this not indicate an issue with the corresponding body of that True Color Ray? And if so then when one activates, clears and balances particular chakras, would they not be healing the corresponding body of that True Ray color? And are our chakras really just extensions of those bodies in a single amalgamation point? Food for thought….

  • Meditation – Q&A with Ra

    Below is an excerpt from the ‘Law of One’ regarding Meditation.

    Questioner: Is it better, or shall I say, does it produce more useable results in meditation to leave the mind as blank as possible and let it run down, so to speak, or is it better to focus in meditation on some object or some thing for concentration?

    Ra: I am Ra. Each of the two types of meditation is useful for a particular reason. The passive meditation involving the clearing of the mind, the emptying of the mental jumble (bias) which is characteristic of mind complex activity among your peoples, is efficacious for those whose goal is to achieve an inner silence as a base from which to listen to the Creator. This is an useful and helpful tool and is by far the most generally useful type of meditation as opposed to contemplation or prayer.

    The type of meditation which may be called visualization has as its goal not that which is contained in the meditation itself. Visualization is the tool of the adept. Those who learn to hold visual images in mind are developing an inner concentrative power that can transcend boredom and discomfort. When this ability has become crystallized in an adept the adept may then do polarizing in consciousness without external action which can affect the planetary consciousness. This is the reason for the existence of the so-called White Magician. Only those wishing to pursue the conscious raising of planetary vibration will find visualization to be a particularly satisfying type of meditation.

    Contemplation or the consideration in a meditative state of an inspiring image or text is extremely useful also among your peoples, and the faculty of will called praying is also of a potentially helpful nature. Whether it is indeed an helpful activity depends quite totally upon the intentions and objects of the one who prays.

    The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence. Within the door lies an hierarchical construction you may liken unto geography and in some ways geometry, for the hierarchy is quite regular, bearing inner relationships.

    To begin to master the concept of mental discipline it is necessary to examine the self. The polarity of your dimension must be internalized. Where you find patience within your mind you must consciously find the corresponding impatience and vice versa. Each thought that a being has, has in its turn an antithesis. The disciplines of the mind involve, first of all, identifying both those things of which you approve and those things of which you disapprove within yourself, and then balancing each and every positive and negative charge with its equal. The mind contains all things. Therefore, you must discover this completeness within yourself.

    The second mental discipline is acceptance of the completeness within your consciousness. It is not for a being of polarity in the physical consciousness to pick and choose among attributes, thus building the roles that cause blockages and confusions (bias) in the already-distorted mind complex. Each acceptance smoothes part of the many distortions that the faculty you call judgment engenders.

    The third discipline of the mind is a repetition of the first but with the gaze outward towards the fellow entities that it meets. In each entity there exists completeness. Thus, the ability to understand each balance is necessary. When you view patience, you are responsible for mirroring in your mental understanding, patience/impatience. When you view impatience, it is necessary for your mental configuration of understanding to be impatience/patience. We use this as a simple example. Most configurations of mind have many facets, and understanding of either self polarities, or what you would call other-self polarities, can and must be understood as subtle work.

    The next step is the acceptance of the other-self polarities, which mirrors the second step.

    These are the first four steps of learning mental discipline. The fifth step involves observing the geographical and geometrical relationships and ratios of the mind (heart, the true consciousness), the other mind (self), the mass mind (other selves), and the infinite mind (what most call “God”).

    The second area of learn/teaching is the study/understanding of the body complexes (the cranial brain). It is necessary to know your body well. This is a matter of using the mind to examine how the feelings, the biases, what you would call the emotions, affect various portions of the body complex. It shall be necessary to both understand the bodily polarities and to accept them, repeating in a chemical/physical manifestation the work you have done upon the mind bethinking the consciousness.

    The body is a creature of the mind’s creation. It has its biases. The biological bias must be first completely understood and then the opposite bias allowed to find full expression in understanding. Again, the process of acceptance of the body as a balanced, as well as polarized, individual may then be accomplished. It is then the task to extend this understanding to the bodies of the other- selves whom you will meet.

    The simplest example of this is the understanding that each biological male is female; each biological female is male. This is a simple example. However, in almost every case wherein you are attempting the understanding of the body of self or other-self, you will again find that the most subtle discernment is necessary in order to fully grasp the polarity complexes involved.

    Questioner: Thank you. How does the ability to hold visual images in mind allow the adept to do polarization in consciousness without external action?

    Ra: I am Ra. This is not a simple query, for the adept is one which will go beyond the green-ray which signals entry into harvestability. The adept will not simply be tapping into intelligent energy as a means of readiness for harvest but tapping into both intelligent energy and intelligent infinity for the purpose of transmuting planetary harvestability and consciousness.

    The means of this working lie within. The key is first, silence, and secondly, singleness of thought. Thusly a visualization which can be held steady to the inward eye for several of your minutes, as you measure time, will signal the adept’s increase in singleness of thought. This singleness of thought then can be used by the positive adept to work in group ritual visualizations for the raising of positive energy, by negative adepts for the increase in personal power.

    Questioner: Can you tell me what the adept, after being able to hold the image for several minutes, does to affect planetary consciousness or affect positive polarity?

    Ra: I am Ra. When the positive adept touches intelligent infinity from within, this is the most powerful of connections for it is the connection of the whole mind/body/spirit complex microcosm with the macrocosm. This connection enables the, shall we say, green-ray true color in time/space to manifest in your space/time. In green ray thoughts are beings. In your illusion this is normally not so.

    The adepts then become living channels for love and light and are able to channel this radiance directly into the planetary web of energy nexi. The ritual will always end by the grounding of this energy in praise and thanksgiving and the release of this energy into the planetary whole.

Be in Peace and with Love always

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