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System of One


From Ra

The System of One has nine steps, each little more than a page, yet within it is mapped the structure of the Universe, of God and your place within it.

How does the System of One work?

The System of One works by teaching the individual to connect with the Higher Self that all of us have, and by teaching that individual the ways to work with that Higher Self.

It goes on from there to show how that by connecting to still higher Source Flame Aspect a route can be found to Source.

Yet further steps show us how to connect to yet higher aspects of the oneness until you have a map of God to guide you one your fiture path, a clear understanding of the structure of the major God Personality Aspects that you will meet along the way.

How does working with my Higher Self benefit me?

Each of us has a Higher Self, it is our Light Being self, our over-soul. This Higher Self is the source of higher knowledge about self. The Higher Self is connected to all of our selves, our past lives, our current lives and our future lives. And in so it has a higher understanding of the essence of self and also of our karmic record. By consulting with your Higher Self you get to understand self better and you also get to know which lessons you need to understand.

Does the Higher Self guide me?

Yes, the Higher Self is your guide. The stronger your connection to your Higher Self the better equipped you will be to face up to life’s challenges.

How do I connect to my Higher Self?

There will be a Lesson on connecting to your Higher Self within this Group.

What is the System of One?

The Law of One is the ultimate Law and the System of One is guidance as to how to use that law. It is intended that for you the beginner that you will come back to these pages and learn the Nine Steps of the System of One and in so doing you will learn to master your world. Connecting to your Higher Self is the first of the Nine steps.

The System of one is a journey back to source in order that you may understand your life’s purpose and in so doing understand your true path.


System of One, Step One

You need to be a member of the System of One group in order to access steps two to nine, see System of One

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System of One – Step Six

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System of One – Step Eight

System of One – Step Nine




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