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It was a beautiful day for December, clear, cloudless, blue skies, brilliant, sunshine, a slight frost on the ground, bare trees, glistening, reflecting light from the morning dew, and I had, had a wonderful night, sleeping in what felt like the arms, of my guardian  angel Archangel Gabriel.

Finding myself in a state of peace, deep in my heart, feeling comforted loved, and protected.

I was waiting for my sister to pick me up to go visit with her and her babies, i knew it was a special day, felt an excitement, as I stood waiting, I gazed at Solaris Ra, soaking in his light, as he flared brightly in the morning, sky.
As we drove off I noted the slight changes, in my surroundings, and decided I was in a magical reality, we  parked outside the local supermarket, while my sister brought her grocery’s, I was left holding the baby.

I looked at the church clock to see what colour the face was, noting that, it was the new clock face, black with gold numerals, and golden flags on the turret  usually, when I’m at the local store, the clock face is a warn out and faded blue with tarnished gold numerals, and no gold flags on the turrets

but one way for me to tell which dimension, I’m in is by the colour of the clock face. so confirmed i was in a higher vibrational dimension.

We drove back to her house, and had a brunch and coffee, and was chatting, about sisters things, and family then, i got out my tarot cards for a weekly reading, As i was just about to read my sisters cards for her, i noticed, on the white curtain, there were shadow of letters and numbers being cast in the sunlight,   Z 9 n S    which to me looked like the name  Zeus,  my sister got up to examine the shadows, and concluded they were part of  a  back to front shadow cast by the letter stickers she had on the window, which said Let it snow,  getting back to my reading, i was telling her, about shadows, and different perspectives, when we both come over dizzy, and disorientated, she suddenly felt tired,and i suddenly felt, my hair moving about on my head, like someone was caressing my head. I said to my sister about it and she could see my hair moving, like it was being stroked,

Suddenly, I felt this wonderful energy come over me, like a gentle breeze, I felt like I was being hugged, in strong, and loving arms, and felt my soul being lifted out of me in blissful, love and peace. felt a gentle squeeze all about me. I said to my sister laughing I felt like i was going to levitate. and we remembered last time I had felt Zeus, embracing, me. Awesome and Amazing, experience. ♥

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    It was a beautiful day for December, clear, cloudless, blue skies, brilliant, sunshine, a slight frost on the ground, bare trees, glistening, reflecti
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