James Ryan Dait


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James Ryan Dait


Baguio City, Philippines



About Me

Hi, I’m new here! 😀 And i want to share my thoughts to someone else that is here. I want to become more enlightened being. And to connect with my higher self, the inner me! I believe that i attract people that has the same path as me. We are one! Lets wake up from the illusion of separation! We are here to love each other! And help one another! And don’t forget to love yourself! 🙂 So let’s make a movement to change this world to become a better place! Even if you can’t achieve world peace, Don’t forget to have a Peace within! NAMASTE! <3


WE are eternal beings
We are one
We came from one infinite consciousness
We are the soul, we have the body!
We are the consciousness!
We are here to Transcend on this Universe!
Meditation will help us a lot!
Love is my religion <3

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