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Here we are seeking answers that we already know, but are locked inside our heads, hidden by thought processes distracting us from knowing our true selves. We join together here to help each other find genuine happiness, the Truth of Self. We share our experiences with others of a like mind so that we can all be inspired on our journey through life. Join us!

Are you looking for inspiration, for happiness and a life free from worry? Or have you discovered secrets to a joyful life you would love to share? We believe that looking within to find our own truth is the way to become inspired and joyful people, and here we share and help each other get there!

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Awakening to YOUR Truth of Self!
Awakening to the Truth of Self is a social networking site for people seeking their truth, it is also a collective blogging site for those that are further along their journey.

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Latest Activity

  • R'Lenu posted an update 1 week ago

    Many of us beings have had to move locations to live lately. Is this your new normal? How are you being guided to relocate? Feeling pushed or pulled? I can finally sleep since we moved.

  • R'Lenu changed their profile picture 1 week ago

  • New Profile personalization options added – you can now change the colors shown on your profile and replace the site header with your own image.

  • SweetestSeeR123 became a registered member 1 week, 4 days ago

  • The Workings of the Mind

    Through these pages you have been given a basic introduction into working with your Ego and a few more advanced insights but what I would now like to do is go into a bit more detail as to how the mind works.

    Your mind is a sensory organ, it is the seventh sense to the extent that it does not just pick up the workings…[Read more]

  • A Truth of Self

    As you work towards understanding self it is not uncommon for you to question the information that you are gleaning from your inspection of within. This is as it should be, you should always question the information you come across even when it comes from within.

    However, the reason why you find yourself questioning this…[Read more]

  • After several  years, of spiritual training during my awakening, I found myself suddenly dropped back down to earth with a bump, my guides, soul group, teachers, backed off, but stood at a close distance, to monitor me, and help me when I needed, but, so i was told I had decided to test myself with 9 tasks, and to go it alone.  My Twinsoul was c…[Read more]

  • I could make out a vague shape, a white horse, stamping its feet, and moving from side to side in agitation.  I thought, telepathically, to the apparition, Holographically sensing, the details, of the horse, more than, actually seeing it.

    “ Can I see you? manifest for me, please,”   “um”, then, feeling apprehensive, “ “on second thought…[Read more]

  • I am, the wind, from the west,
    Swirling about you, the cool draft,
    Rushing through your hair,
    The droplets of myst, caressing your cheeks, your eyes, your lips,
    The vortex of feeling and emotion, flowing through your body,
    I am the sensation, the dizzying breath,
    That touches your senses, causing a shiver down your spine,
    As the chill…[Read more]

  • Awakening to the Truth of Self

    The Truth of self is not the truth of self most people are used to, it is a deep understanding of true self that often takes years of self-introspection in order to obtain, This is the challenge all humans have; Obtaining an understanding of their authentic self when the world around them is filled with so many…[Read more]


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