Ra through Tyr 20112015 Ra on Harmonic Soul Splits


From Ra via Tyr

I wish to speak to you of vibrations. All is vibration streaming from the ”One” in one form or another, one cord or another.

Ever thought of how the mind tends to find what it seeks, that is a similar vibration to the ”base” tone set by your emotion state? Your emotion sets the base tone which is built upon by ”seed thoughts” that attempt to find a certain harmony with the base tone.

Consider for an instant a General planning merciless slaughter from a base tone of ”loving kindness”, it produces a dissonance, a ”detachment” , so he might direct ”loving kindness” towards his children and relentless hatred towards his enemies. Disharmonic thinking like this brings one out of tune with the ”one”, a soul split may form.

As all is vibration, is soul splitting related to this? One way to treat soul splits is by thinking vibrationally, thinking of the tone of both soul shards, then ”sliding” the tone of the lower upwards until both soul shards merge, resonate together.

During initial stages of this process some ”dissonance” in thoughts, emotions even some physical symptoms may manifest. Since dissonance is not in harmony with reality it takes energy to maintain, thus if no energy is fed to the dissonance, the dissonance fades away and the 2 soul shards become one.

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