Shadow work a visualization part III- September 07, 2020Solar Plexas

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Placing my hand gently over my upper abdomen area… Gut. and closing my eyes… I entered the next room.
Again, it felt closed and shut off, silent, and still, and was like a cosy cottage lounge, that had been shut for a time. On one side of the room was a closed door, but I could see other closed doors within this door, or behind it, though the doors were all shut, behind each door a space, the doors working back like a long corridor, at the last closed door was a figure of an angel, guarding the exit way. all these doorways were glowing grey/blue, as was the angel.
I turned away from the doors and angel and looked around the stifled and silent lounge, spying in the center of the room a round table and in the center of that a bowl of dried and dieing flowers, the walls were covered in peeling and old floral wallpaper, an old tattered rug on the floor, but on the other side or the room, from the doors was a fireplace, and in the fireplace was an ember smouldering and still burning.. I went over poking the ember and the fire roared into life, sending sparks across the room, which ignited the petals of the sunflower, the fire surging around the edges of the petals as the sending life to the bloom, as it unfurled. the whole room lit up with the cheery glow of the fire, feeling cosy warm and cheery. smiles.

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