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Sovereignty and the Authority Problem

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You are a sovereign being. Sovereign essentially means “self-possessed”, or in other words, you own yourself. Nobody else is capable of directing or governing your body or your mind except yourself.

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The Goddess Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal is a prominent figure in Mesopotamian mythology, known as the goddess of the underworld. Her name translates to “Queen of the Great Earth” or “Lady of the Great Place.” She rules over the land of the dead, often referred to as Kur or Irkalla, and is responsible for keeping the dead within her realm and preventing the living from entering.

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The Goddess Ninhursag

Ninhursag, also known as Ninmah, Damgalnuna, Nintu, Belet-Ili, Shassuru, and Damkina or Ninursag, was an ancient Sumerian mother goddess associated with fertility, mountains, and the creation of life. She was one of the seven great deities of Sumer and was often depicted as a nurturing figure, symbolizing the earth and its ability to produce life.

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The Anunnaki and the birth of the cabal

The Anunnaki, a term that echoes of ancient Sumer, refers to a pantheon of deities revered by the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. Were these also the Watchers and Nephilim of the Book of Enoch, are these what some today call the cabal?

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The nature of sin, and the trouble with interpretation

If you understand that in biblical terms, the root of all sin, is lies. And that it is the lies we tell ourselves, and act on as if they were true, which causes sinful behaviour. And that a huge lie a number of people tell themselves, is that they are normal, which means they are conforming to some standard of normality that they have adopted from external influences.

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Navigating the divine flow

Just like any waveform, the divine flow swings from positive to negative as it ebbs and flows. Don’t try to exclude the negative, accept it, and you will find the ride much more truthful, and you will not get stuck.

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The Kingdom Within

Jesus spoke of the Kingdom Within. This is related to, but not, the kingdom of God. Did any scholars realise this? Did any of them realise that the Kingdom of God holds many kingdoms, and each of us has a Kingdom within God’s kingdom?

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Dancing with the Devil part two – My dance with the Devil

One of the most difficult things to break, is the deep brainwashing we get from childhood. It’s such beliefs that can lead us to feel entirely justified in disliking and judging harshly aspects of the divine while thinking that we can love all of it.

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God’s 1000-fold Promise

I wrote this meme to convey a message I received recently from some higher beings. They told me that in their state of awareness, it was they that responded to the call of God and the creation, and it was they that had projected themselves into the world, losing their powers and becoming trapped in the reincarnation cycle.

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Dancing with the Devil

The origin of Lucifer, The Devil, and the nature of love are profound topics that have been contemplated throughout history. The entirety of creation, encompassing all aspects of divinity, is deemed worthy of love, but what about those dark entities that haunt us?

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The master pantheons of God

When it comes to playing a game correctly, it often helps if you understand a bit about the game architecture, and this article is to help you understand the hidden structural components of the creation that some of us call God.

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Gratitude in nature

Gratitude in nature memes

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Some thoughts on the structure of the divinity

An image depicting the cycle of creation through the birth of a baby, to a divine mother and father, who came from the nothing, and to the nothing must return.

If it was certain, that the structure of the divinity, commonly known as God, comprised of five key aspects, The nothing, The ineffable one, The Mother-Father, The Creator, and The Creation. Which current belief systems would respect that structure?

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Can you laugh your way to heaven?

An image showing a man surrounded by laughter, as he floats to nirvana.

The concept of laughter as a path to enlightenment or an afterlife, such as heaven or nirvana, is not a formal philosophy but rather a metaphorical interpretation found in various cultural and religious contexts.

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The Time-Sliced, Interpolated Multiverse

The Interpolated, Time-sliced Multiverse, Has a Universe, for everyone Where each is God of their own lands And plays a part in everyone else’s merry band Highest of the high To lowest of the low We play all those parts So no-one misses out And overall, there is balance Between light and dark Lifetimes of …

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The Multiplexed Mind of God

We hear people say that God is all knowing Omnipotent, aware of everything and all But how can that be, you might ask? How does God carry out that task?   Well, I can’t tell you everything But I can explain one thing But I can explain one thing in these few lines of text …

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The Unique Truth of Self

The Unique Truth of Self Within each of us, is a unique view of the divine; an enhanced understanding of the divinity of the universe and of self, this is what I call the Truth of Self. When a person is able to step outside of the social programming and distractions of society and take …

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Following your Path

 Following your Path Following your Path There is often much discussion and disagreement about the path a person takes, so what is this “Path”, how do you get on it and can you take a wrong turn? In spiritual terms, the path is the energetic flow towards the future, it is the current “now” and …

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Love Lifted. by Seaopal

It was a beautiful day for December, clear, cloudless, blue skies, brilliant, sunshine, a slight frost on the ground, bare trees, glistening, reflecting light from the morning dew, and I had, had a wonderful night, sleeping in what felt like the arms, of my guardian  angel Archangel Gabriel. Finding myself in a state of peace, …

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