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Matthew 4 – Satan tempts Jesus, reinterpreted

The story of the temptation of Christ, is a merging of three different visits by the devil, and the very last thing that happened was the testing for 40 days and 40 nights. I’ve tried to word it more accurately, but I too have distorted the truth, somewhat, to do that. To make it more understandable in the context of the original summarisation.

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Dancing with the Devil

The origin of Lucifer, The Devil, and the nature of love are profound topics that have been contemplated throughout history. The entirety of creation, encompassing all aspects of divinity, is deemed worthy of love, but what about those dark entities that haunt us?

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The Christian concept of sin, and the Mesopotamian god Sin

The concept of sin in Christian theology is multifaceted, often associated with moral transgressions and a separation from divine will. The God Sin, a deity from ancient Mesopotamian religion, was the god of the moon, which governs the night.

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Christianity – Mothers Day sermon

The divine mother and her child

In the context of Proverbs 31:10 from the King James Version, virtue is often understood as the sum of qualities that define a person’s moral excellence.

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