Nov 21

The System of One

The System of One


The System of One is a new group here at Awakening to the Truth of Self.

This is a group with a difference, in that it is mapping out a system for returning to source, a set of nine steps which explain the structure of creation and show you how to connect to your own aspects of this creation.

The System of One is Ra’s own enlightenment strategy, dictated through Sepiroth the human channel. The Aim of the System is to understand the Energy and Thought basis to the universe and to give people a clear picture of the path back to Source.

In nine simple steps the System of one explains the structure of the universe and shows how you can find your true purpose within it. It is a very powerful read that is written to be as none path centric as possible. Regardless of your own specific path these suggestions are aimed to help you get on track with regards to your searching and make highly relevant to self.

Step one deals with Connecting to your Higher Self, Step two is about connecting to your Source Flame aspects, step three is about connecting to Source.

Each step is created to allow for the fact that we all experience things differently even though the structure of what we experience is constant.

These channellings from Ra are expected to continue over the coming weeks to build up a concise, simple to follow guide to seeking higher knowledge and connections so that each person is able to understand their higher calling.

There is a short introduction to the System of One and step one is available to all that wish to look, however only members of the System of One group can see the remaining 8 steps when they are available. This is because Ra wishes those who connect to the System of One should be contactable.

Visit the System of ONe group and read the Introduction by Ra.



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