May 30

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Visualisation excersize, 29/5/17 Stairway to heaven,

Visualizing  a stairway. it is made of water, flowing upwards. Four steps.
Ground level,
I could see, a sea of souls, the emotions were overwhelming, engulfing me, with their pain, sorrow, their confusion, and feeling lost and alone, instantly I felt them, I felt immense compassion, and love, I felt great sorrow and the need to help them. They looked like a huge crowd, numbering, many, pale and blue ghosts, —
I moved through the sea of souls, towards the stairway, crying, and trying to center and regain, my composure and emotions, my tears were like acid, hot and stinging, giving me sore eyes. —
Then I saw the stairway, and climbed onto the first step, which splashed and tickled cool water over my feet, washing them, as the water flowed up the stairway, to heaven. —
First level,… I was meant to see my ancestors, and loved ones, who’d passed. but instead, saw, felt a void of emptyness, misty glowing, swirling, light, but also of peace. I am told they have all moved on, so I ventured up the next step. —
Second level,— I was meant to see my guides, as usual they were being stubborn, and said I did’nt need to see them as I already knew them and have seen them before, lol, :p smiles,
Third level,…. I was meant to see my guardian angel, and there he was, tho glowing hazily, in a bright mist, of light, I could make out the angel shape with huge wings, and feel the love, of Archangel Gabriel.
Fourth level, the top of the watery stairway, I could see clouds all around, but like a tunnel, going up through the center, a funnel of blue light going up through the clouds, to the sun, shining brightly, I felt wonder and calm, joy sunning myself on the top step, then I asked, “what is my life purpose, ” I felt the answer, vibrationally/telepathically.
“To help, To teach, To heal, To give peace, and love “
then as I descended down the stairway, at each level, I gave thanks, for the help. guidance, love protection, teaching and healing, til when I reached ground level again, noticing, I did’nt feel that anguished, emotions, as before. and the sea of emotions had calmed.

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