What is Self-blame?

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What is “Self-Blame”?  Answered from many perspectives
Carl Jung: “Self-blame may be viewed as the shadow self emerging, manifesting in the conscious mind as self-directed negativity. It’s crucial to confront and understand these darker aspects of ourselves to achieve individuation and psychic wholeness.”
Sigmund Freud: “Self-blame can be seen as the manifestation of guilt, an internal conflict between the superego’s ideals and the actions driven by the ego and the id. It is a reflection of our internal struggle to align our actions with our moral standards.”
Alan Watts: “Self-blame is like a ripple in the vast ocean of consciousness, a disturbance that arises when one’s actions diverge from one’s perceptions of what they should be. It is not the ripple but the entire ocean that defines us. We should be careful not to be swept away by these temporary waves of self-doubt.”
Aleister Crowley: “Under the Law of Thelema, ‘Love is the law, love under will.’ Self-blame could be viewed as misalignment with one’s True Will, leading to actions that diverge from one’s nature. It is a call to realign oneself with one’s true purpose.”
Jordan Peterson: “Self-blame is often a by-product of failing to take on the responsibility of our being, resulting in feelings of guilt and regret. It’s a sign that you need to sort yourself out, confront your shortcomings, and strive to make your life and by extension, the world, a better place.”
Jim Rohn: “Self-blame is like using a negative past as a tool for self-punishment, keeping one from moving forward. The key is to turn past mistakes into valuable lessons for the future. Remember, your history does not have to be your destiny.”
Les Brown: “Self-blame is letting a past failure define who you are. But remember, you are not your failures. You are greater than any challenge or mistake. Don’t let self-blame rob you of your power to achieve and to overcome.”
Sherlock Holmes: “Self-blame, in its essence, is a misdirected deduction. It is attributing the failure of an outcome solely to one’s actions without considering the multitude of external variables at play. One should evaluate all aspects objectively, without letting emotions cloud the truth.”

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    What is “Self-Blame”?  Answered from many perspectives

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