Advanced Blog Layouts

For the more adventurous and demanding blogger, we use the Page Builder and Zedity plug-ins. You can find the Page Builder editor when you click on New Post and select Page Builder from the post editor tabs at the top of the page editor, Beside the Text and Visual tab. Zedity can be accessed by clicking on the orange “curly Z” button between the toolbar toggle and Add a Spacer buttons just below the Visual Tab.

Zedity allows you to create content areas and move them around a grid page layout whilst the Page Builder gives you access to numerous site widgets, including image sliders. This means that you can create just about any page layout that you would like for your blogs.

If you have written any content, Page Builder will automatically import this content into the Page Builder editor, within a text box. Page builder allows you to better position your content and includes access to modules called widgets that allow you to include images and other advanced page features.


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