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Shamanism: Soul Splits and Soul Retrieval

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    Shamanism; Soul Splits and Soul Retrievals In Shamanic terms, when a trauma causes the individual to reject an aspect of self, this is termed the spli
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    Excellent and most informative article.

    Indeed soul retrieval is a most important key to the healing of the self. By becoming more complete releasing and reuniting with the aspects of self that have become atrophied and seperated from the whole we reunite with many forgotten skills, talents and strengths.

    Best introduction to this subject for me was “Soul Retrieval: mending the fragmented self” by Sandra Ingerman


    ive had severel vivid dreams where ive purposely…sliced… myself up into 7 to 13 pieces….Soul Splicing….using this method, for soul work…


    I think the process of soul splitting must be built in to the human phsyche. Every child needs to learn, and part of that learning process involves pain, which is often the cause of the sould split. More specifically it’s pain blamed on self, which is a very easy thing to do as a child and even moreso later in life after the individual has learnt to apply judgement on self.

    Such a shame this process is not more widely acknowledged and understood – Surely Soul Retreival is something that could be taught from an early age?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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