How to Save the World

From our guest author Holly Fox

Tell me everything about yourself: What makes you? Now, put all those things that make you in a box—a big box if you have to. Can I take those things in that box and make you? No? What am I missing? What cannot be put in that box? What if you put 50 trillion cells in a box? Can I make you then? No? Why? I have all the cells required to make you! I should be able to make you… I’m missing something—what is it? I’m missing your essence, your soul—your spirit. It cannot be contained in a box; in fact, it cannot be contained at all. Those things you put in that box, are just things. You don’t fit in a box, you never have and you never will. No one fits in a box—not you, not me, no one. Why do we insist on trying to fit ourselves in boxes? Can we stop it with the boxes already? What purpose do these boxes serve? These boxes serve of the purpose of limiting our beliefs of what we think makes up who and what we are. If we believe that we fit in a box, then we are not able to think outside the box—are we?

We are obsessed with the boxes because we are obsessed with thoughts of separation. What makes you—somehow by comparison and contrast, makes me different and we don’t know how to see without differences. We don’t see the shared space between objects, we see the objects themselves. It’s not what you see—it is how you see. We objectify—literally and figuratively. This is not helpful because we don’t see ourselves, as we truly are. We don’t look upon our brothers and sisters as sharing the same thing that we all have in common. We all have spirits. We all have spirits that no matter what you do to this body, my spirit will not change. My spirit will not die.

When we see as ourselves as separate, as these boxes, what we set ourselves up for is judgment. Why? Because if I identify myself as different from you, then I will have to judge what it is about you that makes you different from me. What’s in your box that is not in my box? What are these things in our boxes, which we think create ourselves, but really don’t create us at all? These things in our boxes are what we use to judge—the other. Yet, we are not these boxes! Can we let go of our boxes? We have been carrying them around awhile; collecting, gathering, building, making the boxes so big that they are housing our egos. Our egos are keeping us from seeing from and with our spirits. Our egos focus on what separates us, instead of sharing what we all have in common.

If everyone were to see each other as the same instead of different, we would save the world. We would rid the world of war and famine. We would have a chance to see Heaven on Earth. We would not allow for a single person to suffer because to harm another would be to harm ourselves. We would not fathom compromising the only common truth that we all share because it is most precious and priceless commodity we have. This truth is the only strength we have because you cannot take it from me and I cannot take it from you—it is without an enemy! If we would see our: sameness, oneness, spirits—we would forgo all judgment, not because there is someone or something greater to judge but because you are not those things you put in that box—you never have been and you never will be.

My name is Holly Fox, and I am here to save the world. Tell me: What are you here to do outside of your box today?

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    From our guest author Holly Fox Tell me everything about yourself: What makes you? Now, put all those things that make you in a box—a big box if you h
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