Inherited Karma

Inherited Karma

This next subject starts to introduce some aspects that readers may not agree with or understand, however I am going to write my thoughts on the subject and just “put them out there”, it’s the first time I have really wrote about the spiritual side of the individuals mind and as things go with this kind of topic there are as many different views as there are people. If you have been following what I write you will know that for me that is how it should be; we are all unique and have our own interpretations of things, especially on the spiritual side.

Having said that I’m going to try and make this as generic as possible in order to try and widen the appeal. Please be aware, my view does not undermine your view, if you allow it to, it can complement your understanding and so it may help your depth of thinking on this and related topics.

In order to understand the concept of inherited karma, you must first understand the concept of reincarnation, since this aspect of mental health stems from the notion that we can often leave some things undone in previous lives and these “unlearnt lessons” come back to haunt us in our current life.

So this is the general theory; that a person’s soul does not die with the body at the end of the life but instead goes on to get reincarnated into another life. There are some that take this further, they say that the only reason why the soul reincarnates is because there are lessons which it still has to learn.

Obviously there are beliefs systems out there that refute this concept but I can only go by my own experiences and those of the people I have worked with and to us it seems clear; unresolved trauma from previous lives can come back to the present life for resolution, and this seems to be part of what many call the karmic burden of the individual; not only that to you have to resolve the karma from this life but also any karma from previous lives must also be resolved.

The need to resolve past life trauma is not the only form of inherited karma, there are other forms including karma from people you may have wronged in previous existences.

There are various ways that a person can become aware of past life lessons that need to be resolved, these may show up in the form of recurring traumatic dreams or nightmares, they may appear in the form for haunting voices or they may show up as recurring behavioral traits. They are often very similar to those patterns of the mind that show up when one is dealing with soul splits and this is the point; in general what you are dealing with is not so different, it may be a bit more difficult to understand since it is from a past life that you may not remember but usually it will have a similar impact on your life as it would have had on the previous life.

This similarity means that inherited karma of this sort can be dealt with in a similar way to a soul split and in actual fact often when one is performing a soul retrieval both this-life and past-life aspects can come to the fore.

Past life issues can also become apparent in the form of being haunted by a previous incarnations souls splits; if in the previous life these soul splits were completely rejected from the individual then what can happen of is that these splits can completely leave the originator and are not taken with the soul to the next incarnation after death, this means they are left behind and often roam the earth waiting for the next incarnation to appear. They will then find that incarnation and attempt to reconnect with the soul, a process that often feels like a person is being haunted by a seemingly separate entity.

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