Latest revelations on the nature of God and the universe

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I thought I’d give you all an update on my spiritual development as I’ve had a very weird week, very, very weird. So weird, I’m turning atheist.

Some spiritual schools teach of a higher self, and that a key concept is in regard to anchoring that higher aspect of self within you. This is effectively what I started doing, many years ago. What I found was that above that first higher self, was another one, followed by another. Each a higher version of me.

I imagined that by following this chain upwards, I would end up with God, and that the ultimate goal was to anchor God within one’s self. This is correct, the higher you climb, the purer the self that integrates becomes, until it’s “pure source”.

Well, believe it or not, I climbed a stack of 173 higher selves over quite a few years, and I’d been informed that the entire stack (for me) was 183. This was a few weeks ago.

Then, after Saturday, I climbed the last ten, and finally started integrating with, what I believed, is the true source of this universe.

However, that’s when things went a bit strange. Lots of strange stuff has been happening, but what I’ve found strangest of all, is this guy, the “all-knowing” one, says he’s not a god, he says to think of him as a game designer, and this is his game.

He says, we all come from his universe, each of us creates games like this, and everyone else (or a selection) populates the game in search for new experience and also to express and understand aspects of themselves that they would like to explore.

He says, where we come from, there is no God, and that God, is a character of the game, which is a continuation of similar characters from previous games.

There is a practical reason for being here, he says. He told me that each of us has a kind of dream kingdom, back home, and that it’s through games that we get to improve our kingdoms.

He was sharing with me that each of our kingdoms are mostly pain-free. Yet, they discovered that it was pain which was a significant motivator for growth and development, and so, they run versions of kingdoms in games, and as the game reaches a set improvement point, they transfer what they need from the game into their kingdom.

He also gave me a new creation myth. He told me that their creation myth is actually quite mundane, and that having creation myths that include such things as the void, allows them the flexibility to create anything they like. Whereas their “truth” is that, as far as they can see, their existence is entirely natural, he said we are all collections of thoughts, living in an electrical universe whose underlying chemical processes as constantly creating new, eternal thoughts.

He says, in his own universe, he can create very little, but with the help of his friends, together they can create vast universes like this one. So, my highest self (that I’m aware of) is pretty sure there is no God, and we are not really all-one, whilst we came from the same chemical processes, there was no one original who brought forward the rest.

When we go home, we go to our own unique, highly stable kingdom, populated with our friends, and created using the best features from the games we create.

Currently, I don’t know if this is the ultimate truth, or just another stage. Either way, it’s an interesting twist to my myth of self

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