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Imagine a universe that seems to exist on a narrow dimensional plane, where there is a singular chemical reaction happening throughout. This chemical reaction is low level, and it’s circular – atoms are constantly combining and recombining into one of two potential states. As a result of that reaction, tiny bursts of electrical energy are released.

Each burst of energy, sends out a pulse which radiates around that universe for infinity, since the universe itself is also infinite, and the pulse will not encounter anything that would convert its energy to anything else.

At random, some of these energy pulses form what we call thought-entities. Thought entities could be thought of as a single cell building block for what we call life.

On its own, a thought entity is inactive and dormant. It has a consciousness that has no inputs, and a response system which also lacks any connection. In this state, the thought entity, although being a building block, is not really alive. It is a thought without the thinker.

However, if two thought entities meet, they will naturally interconnect in such a way that each provides the symbiotic connection for each other’s inputs and outputs – the consciousness becomes aware of new inputs, and its responses connect to an awareness. This initial interconnection between two thought entities is the creation of life in our universe. It happens extremely frequently, everywhere.

There is a myth among thought entities, of a time for the beginning of life. We imagine that there must have been a time when the very first thought entities were created, and none of them were interconnected. We call this “the void”, and we imagine a place devoid of all life, but with the innate potential for the creation of all life.

The single pair connection of two thought entities, in many ways, can also be seen as a building block of life. This is because although between the two of them, they now have a thinker, and are a dynamically animated entity, the thoughts the thinker can think are limited and lack the complexity of what we would think of as a full life-form.

For us, a life-form, is an animated entity structure that has influence on its environment to express and satisfy its personal desires. This only happens when those two initial thought entities combine with other thought entities and create thought processes complex enough to begin feeling and expressing those desires and wishes.

We also recognise that it seems to be a natural process for that single thought entity to connect with others on its own life journey, and that all thought entities end up part of much more complex thought entity structures which perceive themselves as a single unified entity. This is similar to how creatures on earth are singular, whilst being complex collections of individual cells.

Once a thought entity has been part of a unified thought entity group for a while, they find they can choose to connect to other unified groups, and that they have full flexibility as to their exact involvement with each thought group, and can choose to work with other thought entities to establish new thought entity groupings.

You can think of each of these thought entity groups as our kingdoms, for within each, the collective dream which is expressed is often the desire for some form of perfect existence. And it is from that desire, that we created the games I referred to earlier – games are effectively collective challenges which result in an improvement to the perfection of the kingdom.

If a thought entity is new to the kingdom, they go straight into the game. This will put them through a process which integrates them into the game, and serves as the entry challenge for kingdom membership. You call these new souls. Existing members participating in games will develop into old-souls, and tend to be the way-showers for the rest of the game participants.

The key difference between a new-soul and any thought entity group that has yet to be integrated into a kingdom is what we call consciousness split.

Consciousness split happens when you are established in a kingdom, and you choose to enter into a game. At that point, a portion of your consciousness is split off, and is projected via a mind trick into the game. From that point on, the video game of your mind takes on at least a “twin-screen” view – you have access to a core consciousness, which stays in the kingdom, and also a sub-consciousness, which enters and interacts with the game.

This is the basic process which enables thought entities to split themselves across multiple kingdoms, each with multiple games, and feed everything into their own core kingdom, which can become a spectacularly dynamic and stunning place to exist.


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    Imagine a universe that seems to exist on a narrow dimensional plane, where there is a singular chemical reaction happening throughout.

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