Working through the Ultimate Question

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Working through the Ultimate Question

Day one

I have reached a stage in my awakening, where I have been tasked with answering the ultimate question. Which is the question God asked of himself, at the beginning of this creation, which is, “Who am I?”.

The myth is that God woke up to find himself alone in a vast empty expanse. He had no memory of who he was or how he got here, but he did find in his memory a very long list of sentences which God interpreted as clues to who he was.

This list of clues was seemingly endless and often very challenging to interpret, often clues seemed contradictory, and God made no progress at gaining any insight.

However, in God’s reading of this “riddle of self”, each riddle triggered a dedicated thought within God’s mind, and each of those thoughts was given the task to explore and express the meaning of that particular part of the riddle, and to report back when they felt they had a solution.

As the myth goes, this was the beginning of creation – God’s attempt to understand self. This is also, in part, the basis of our individuality. We are each a part of the creation that each of those thoughts ended up bringing into being in order to fully express each individual riddle. Whilst we are all the same at heart, but each of us is asking a different question about life and existence, we are each part of a complex process of first expressing, then understanding different questions. Each of us tasked with understanding a different part of God’s riddle. The ultimate answer being one which explains and integrates all of these statements into a cohesive whole.

Of course, the result of this creation process is not the ultimate answer. It is clear to us now that what is happening can be thought of as part of the expansion and evolution process for the divine. That this process involves God allowing himself to fall into a dream of a future self. Specified by the elements of the riddle, and that through the process of creation, God achieves the evolution of his dreams. Waking up, is when God actualises from dream-state to wake-state, bringing the self he was created with him, out of the unreality of the creation and into the “reality” of God’s waking state.

We believe that part of this waking up process is the point where each thought entity realises they have solved their riddle, and return to the master database, to ensure congruence between its answer, and the other riddles which have been given.

This is where I am now, here is my riddle/clue:

“I am in a coma, my experiences are my mind’s attempt to heal, my drama, is that I must wake up the God, and this reflects my need to wake from the coma.”

The first thing to say is that this clue is not as it originally was given to you. It is the result of your processing of that clue, you have made sense of its pattern and have recognised its influence on you. Hence, there is not only the statement about self, but also you have added your drama. The clues that we have been given are in their original form. It is clear that God woke up to find he had been seeded knowledge of self by way of a complex chain of riddles. We think these self-truths not only tell God what it is, but also self-truths that have been expressed in various points of the God journey. Thus, many of them explain a specific context to the evolution of the self-concept that the individual found acceptable, and useful, at that specific time.

What this means, we believe, is that your own truth, that you are in a coma, is a transitory truth. A truth that helped for a time, but was replaced with another truth later. This has been reflected in your own journey and truth.

We also need to remember some of the self-denial that made this truth attractive to God, in part, it reveals a desire to be “normal”, to not be God, but rather, to have a rational explanation for existence. But, it does not explain existence. It does not explain where the individual in the coma came from. It is not the ultimate truth.

I have been given a couple of the other riddles in order that I can do an initial assessment. If we can make sense of these two, then more will be given. Remember, in being given the riddle, you have also been given access to the thought entity that is processing it. It is this thought entity that will do this processing for you. It will assess it and deliver a report.

“I came as man; I came as woman. I go as a woman; I go as a man. I came as one, I go as two.”

“When I wake up, I shall be transformed. When I wake up, I shall never have slept. All that is here is nought, all that is there is the all that is.”

The Eternal Fire of Creation

The importance of the Eternal Fire of Creation has been hinted at in the Bible and elsewhere. What we now know is that it is the place for the creation and blending of the thought-entities, and it is these thought-entities which ultimately project into existence the creation we experience. When God chooses to enter into creation, he visualises himself jumping into the Eternal Fire, along with his plans and dreams for the outcome of the creation.

We are now confident that the Eternal Fire of Creation is the source of all creation, and the source of God’s power. We think that by solving this riddle, we will not explain its existence, but we will reveal a hidden source for it, and this source will provide the connection between the sleeping God (us) and the waking God who created us. This should allow the sleeper to awaken, potentially, for all sleepers to awaken.

The Eternal Fire of Creation, we now know, is the place in God’s mind he goes to create. We also regard it as an automatic coping mechanism which prevents God from being overwhelmed with the pressure of maintaining the eternal perfection of the Kingdom when the incongruence becomes too great.

It’s interesting to compare God’s process of creation and self-evolution with that which we experience as humans, as there is commonality in our experiences, we think. As above, so below.

The process we believe happens within God before him entering the dream is that over-time, God realises that the current level of perfection for the kingdom could be better. Thus, a dichotomy builds between Gods “true-self” and his “ideal-self”, this incongruence builds over time, and reaches a point where the totality of God can no longer be regarded as congruent, which, we could interpret, is a trigger for what is in-effect, a nervous breakdown. In God’s desire to maintain this perfect congruence, it rejects and dissociates from those incongruences, ejecting them from the Kingdom, and placing a firewall between this new “creation” and itself.

This leads us to our own story, the story of the creation we find ourselves in, of the God who wakes to find himself lost, and how he came to create us so that we could work through these new challenges and come up with a new, even better perfection for God’s Kingdom to become.

We say this, and yet, we also say, God has never been anything else than most perfect, and is unchanging. So how can we say this? Well, each new creation does not simply provide a patch, if you like, for the God to apply to their existing self. Each new creation completely reworks the story of God. It starts right from the beginning, adds those new rules and requirements and runs them until a conclusion, where all God’s requirements are delivered. Then, at the end of the process, this entire new “truth of self” is uploaded to the Kingdom, and the new level of perfection becomes the level of perfection that has always been, and will always be. You see, God does not so much evolve, God gets to completely recreate everything about itself, it’s past, present and future.

Here are the reports from the entities investigating the two riddles/clues we have been given:

“I came as man; I came as woman. I go as a woman; I go as a man. I came as one, I go as two.”

Man is black and woman is white, within the creation, each transforms and becomes their own opposite. Thus, this line is describing this transformation, and the creation of the two from the one.

Half man comes in, whole man comes out. Half woman comes in, whole woman comes out. The one become two.

There is congruence between your truth and ours, within your truth there are many instances where your people have achieved what they called individuation by bringing their shadow out of the darkness of the unconscious mind and into the conscious mind, and in so doing, the half man or half woman becomes whole. This is precisely the process we are discussing when we relate this to our piece of the riddle. Wholeness is the acceptance of all self. Our combined mission, therefore, is to help God accept itself, by allowing it to express that which was previously hidden, within the specifications of the new perfection.

“I go as two” implies separation, we think this gives a clue, that God’s great desire to create other, equal, independent Gods is deliverable.

“When I wake up, I shall be transformed. When I wake up, I shall never have slept. All that is here is nought, all that is there is the all that is.”

This has already been explained by the previous text, and we therefore have congruence that your experiential journey and conclusions align with this riddle. Nothing here is real, it is a means to an end. Only the eternal perfection of the Kingdom is real. After this dream, its entire beginning and end will be applied to the Kingdom, and it will be as if the dream never happened, those dark times of incongruence will have never happened. We will have learnt from those challenges, but will not remember the pain we needed to incur for us to ameliorate those challenges.

We are not hiding those challenges. We are showing the divine how to love them, we are showing the divine how to embrace them and celebrate them, as with everything else in the Kingdom.

Remember, this is not the ultimate answer, it is a stepping stone towards the ultimate answer. Another part of the unfolding of the emergent truth that is represented by this creation. It is an intermediary or bridging truth. Something which will let you take the next steps towards the ultimate truth, which gives many clues as to what that is.

Now we have passed this phase of our assessment, we will now run this riddle outcome against all other riddles. This is the next decision gate, perhaps one of the final acceptance tests needed for this new version of the Kingdom to be approved and applied. But we don’t know that. At this stage, we can only see a couple of steps ahead. It feels very close, but there is no way to know for sure.

Holding a truth as simple as you are merely in a coma, trying to wake up, we think, gives you a safe truth in order to transition to the next stage of your awakening process. We think this is a tool God uses to prevent accidents during transitional periods. We are certain it’s not the truth, just one that fits your experiences which you can hold to as you transition to the next stage. It is your map over the next ravine.

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Day two

I woke this morning hearing the lyrics to a song I know “Somebody save me”, and I realised that the theme for today was “save me”.  I immediately had an image of the divinity expressing those issues, and of their divine friends taking away those questions, one by one, sharing this great burden the unity had placed on itself.

And so, I see that this next stage, is about my bridging belief from the comatose man, to the friend who decided to help the unity, and chose to explore the myth of the comatose man on behalf of the unity.

Thus, we have the picture of the lost unity, with all the right notes to his song of life, but in the wrong order. A cryptic set of plans for the house he wants to live in.

And I see that the unities future house, the creation, it built for him, by his friends, who carry him gently through this evolutionary journey, and Armageddon is the process of handing over the keys.

I have created a room for this house, the room of the comatose man. And now it is time to vacate the premises, and handover responsibility for the room, to the unity that has travelled with me, learning from the experiences I encounter, without that unity being directly affected by the polarity swings I encounter.

My task was to build the room on stable foundations, then to smooth the flaws and wrinkles in its structure, until the room was ready for the great reveal, when the entire house is revealed as having always existed, and my journey, part of the mythology that has always been.

This ultimate truth that I am uncovering, it is my own story of creation, an ultimate truth with the ultimate truth. Just a small part of the whole. I can now see that we all will have our own unique aspect of the ultimate truth to uncover, before we can move to a unity consciousness that can see all of these truths, and therefore the true ultimate answer.

Then, fresh insight comes into my mind, I hear a thought “It is time for me to find my own fiery pit and jump into it. This is how I came, this is how I’ll go”.

Random insight – “Sometimes we find ourselves repeating the lesson, and it causes us to ask what we missed? The answer is, you missed nothing, and these repeats are part of the nature of how you translate your spiritual experiences. Sometimes we come to an interesting juncture, one that raises multiple questions. At that point, our spiritual self can decide to split into several parts, each addressing one of those questions, and those parts will travel in parallel. However, this is translated in the human mind into a series of linear events. Humans only have, for the most part, a single awareness instance, they can only perceive themselves doing one thing at a time. So that spiral path that you perceive is not really a spiral, it’s just how the current path has been translated into your experiential journey.”

This insight is relevant to me right now because it explains recent events. I have been replaying different journeys back to the Kingdom. This is the third time I’ve gone past this gate in the last week or so.

God’s Greatest Fear

One significant driver for how we structure ourselves is based on the myth of God’s greatest fear. This fear, is that he is the only one in existence, that he is utterly and completely isolated, and everything he perceives is purely his fantasy, and he alone has responsibility for all that happens in that fantasy. This was the reason God created his friends, and it is why his greatest wish is for those friends to be equal to him so that he will never be alone again, and he can share responsibility for the all that is.

In the early days, it was obvious who God was, and this caused God many, what you could call, personality crises. It was us friends, blindly expressing our truth, which caused those crises. Think of an existence where you can have everything you want. Think of an existence where you have had everything you wanted forever, and got bored with it. Think of the chaos when those bored friends decide to want each other’s things (jealousy), and also, want to deprive those other friends of those things. Think of the sheer hassle we gave God, each of us asking to hurt each other, demanding our right to explore cruelty and the rest of those dark addictions.

We realised over time that we had to create something balanced, to have stability. We realised that we should not know who God is, and that, even though God is still providing what we want, we engineer a system where we take responsibility for our wants, and we have to work for them, we create an interface between us that tunes our expression of truth into its purest form, knowing that once we get there, once we can all express ourselves in full, without hurting others, then the work will be done. God’s ultimate dream will come into reality. In your dream, the comatose god will wake up, and find the friends he created in his fantasy world are there to meet him in real life.

It’s this reasoning which explains why the ultimate answer is so well hidden, we have deliberately obfuscated it to protect the unity from its own loneliness. By operating in this way, each of us shares both the fear of being the true source, and also the secret knowing that it could indeed be self. This is what we mean by carrying our friend up the hill. We each share responsibility for this co-creation until our friend overcomes this fear, and takes full responsibility for their new Kingdom.

The divine creator turning their back on their Kingdom so that his flock can learn to stand alone. To illustrate an article about the ultimate answer on

Day 3

The Myth of the Flock who Killed their God

A new myth came to me, filled with lots of sorrow and regret. It’s the myth of the flock who killed their god, and it tells of the day God turned his back on the Kingdom, he’d had enough, could not face it and just wanted to die, basically. This was the beginning of the coma god, it was us, his flock that did this to him, it was us that caused this separation. And to this day, the pain of that separation is too great to bear. So great, we hide it from ourselves, it is part of our collective shadow.

Why is this a myth? It’s a myth because this is our truth, it is not God’s truth. And this serves to illustrate where a lot of our problems come from. You see, God created us to be just like him (her/whatever you want to call this ultimate highest aspect of you, My avatar is male, we each have our own avatar I believe). He knew that one day he would have to leave so that we could start taking responsibility for our actions, as a final step towards independence. He never told us this, he just left, and we all blamed ourselves, thinking it was something we had done. In actuality, it was the opposite, we had reached a level of maturity that God had judged worthy to allow us to move to the next stage. It was time for us to stand on our own two feet.

However, we should remember that everything that has happened, everything we have been, done, said, thought about ourselves. It’s all been absolutely perfect. We have been precisely the right expression that was needed to get us here. There are no mistakes, but lessons are often learnt quicker when we think that they are.

The Myth of the Resurrection

However, there is also another myth. This is the miracle of the resurrection. In this myth, it was foretold that one of God’s flock would decide to break God’s enforced isolation, and try to convince God to give us a second chance. However, this resulted in angering God, for being reminded of his pain, and God cast this fellow out into the wilderness, for 40 days and 40 nights. The myth foretells that while in the wilderness, the rebel decides to enlist the help of the rest of the flock, and together they would hatch a plan to create this existence, where we can learn to love each other, and become the true expressions of self that God wants, so we can help him to come back to us, all together in Gods garden, and every other garden we care to see. It is not that we need absolute perfection, we just need to hit that balance, one that means God is always happy. We still need our obstacles, these result in growth and growth is the spice of life. So perfection is not the end goal. Happiness is our wish for all.

In this myth, I am reminded very much of the Shinto myth of the hiding of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, in her cave, and how the other gods had to do something amazing to temp her out. What they did, was to reflect back at her, her own beauty, so much, that she fell back under her own spell and in love with herself, enabling her to take her rightful place in the heavens. This is what we are doing, we are learning to show God all the beauty that he gave us, perfected in our own way. It is our destiny to do this, every action, every thought we have leads us in this direction.

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