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The Influence of the Archetypes.

The Influence of the Archetypes.

The archetypes are the divine essences of the Creator Beings, they infiltrate our environment on many levels and today I would like to talk to you about one particular aspect of this; About how they influence our soul.

The soul is the creation of the Oversoul, but each individual soul has further influences. The life that just passed gets to have input as to the life of the next to be born, and as such has a very significant influence upon us.

A Soul that has recently passed goes through a process of remembering true self, they remember what they were asked to express and the lessons they were asked to learn, these stem from previous expressions of self, they are part of the inherited Karma of that soul and they are also part of the lineage for that soul. These influences are all inputs into the decision of how to incarnate next, if that is the choice of that soul.

The Lineage of a soul is important too, it stems from the Source Flame Aspects and other archetypical characters that had influence on the very earliest aspects of that created soul. These influences affect the fundamental energies of the individual soul aspect, and they also influence which guides will work with that soul for the duration of its earthly existence.

At the time of the birth of the new soul aspect, the newly passed soul will gather a group of beings into a circle that concentrates on the new life to be created. This group is often called the Soul Group. These Beings will either choose to incarnate alongside the new life, or will stay as archetypes and take on roles as the initial set of guides that the individual has to work with.

It is from this initial set of guides that most of us get our “Invisible Friends” of childhood from, they have the greatest influence in the earliest years.

However, over time these initial guides will make way for other higher guides, often higher aspects of themselves, the guides that represent our higher aspects, these can often come as archetypical aspects of our characters. In Ra’s terms these would come from the level of the Flames and who they will be is determined by our lineage – the story of which paths our God-Thought of Self travelled in order to end up created on earth.

Thus you have the concept of spiritual father or Mother, some of these aspects are universal to all humans (Source for example), others are more individual and it is these later aspects that have a great influence on our personality. In the spiritual lineage of self it seems we have many mothers and fathers but all will lead to True Source.

The flow of energy thus becomes the human soul by passing through the influences of Source, Source Flame, Oversoul and Soul aspects in order to arrive at the incarnation that is self. Thus when you are looking at self you are not seeing a single lineage of energy but you are looking at several influential components – Past Life, Oversoul, Flame, Source, All That is and True-Source.

Of course everyone is different, and also there is more complexity to this simple model, but this maps out the important drivers for most peoples energy and need for expression.

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