The Influence of the Archetypes.

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The Influence of the Archetypes.

The archetypes are the divine essences of the Creator Beings – the light beings. They infiltrate our environment on many levels. This article discusses how they influence our soul, and our eternal character.

The soul is the creation of the oversoul, but each individual soul has further influences which stem from the individual’s soul journey before the creation of the oversoul.

If we plot an individual’s incarnation journey, then we can see that this journey starts by their “divine thought of self” being first inserted into this particular creation. This divine thought of self passes through a gatekeeper of some sort, often known as the godhead – the head of the god, who speaks your name, and your divine thought of self, into existence.

This thought of self is a multidimensional instance of self, it is multidimensional because it holds within itself multiple aspects of self, which will go on to create multiple oversouls, each projecting different aspects of your divine self into creation.

The divine thought of self enters this creation at the highest density, and as it passes down through these higher densities, the individuals’ higher soul aspects come into existence. These are the archetypical soul aspects. Many people think of these aspects as flames. For example, there is the primary, or source flame, who forms the core character of self. Then there are the other flame aspects, the number of which varies for each person, but usually, there is at least one other, known as the twin flame or divine opposite.

Although many tend to think of these archetypal/flame aspects as “gods”, this is not the correct understanding of their nature – these are archetypes, they are in effect role-models of the gods, they are the essence of the gods to be created by the oversoul.

Also, the term “god” is too focussed. Whilst it is true that some will indeed ultimately form god type elements within the created multiverse. Most often their archetypal energy will be used to influence the creation of other created elements; the angels, the demons, the humans, the animals, all energetic elements which are animated within the created multiverse stem from these archetypes. And in the story of the individual, typically, a handful of archetypes will mix and merge their energies to create each individual’s soul counterparts.

So we have a hierarchy that exists in the pre-creational higher densities, of personal archetypes, different for each individual, which act as prime movers for the existences that are to follow. Each individual creation is not the product of one archetype, but a mix of several. This is a key aspect of, and reason behind our uniqueness – each individual is a unique mix of archetypal energies, and it is these energies which form the core components of our divine, or true character.

So it is, that the divine thought of self emerges from source, via the godhead, splits into its archetypal aspects, and progresses down the higher densities until from each archetype, at least one oversoul is formed.

The role of the oversoul is two-fold; it is to project into the created multiverse the souls which will become each of the archetypes incarnated aspects, also, it serves as a home for each incarnated aspect’s higher self.

Below the oversoul are the twelve densities of the created multiverse. The oversoul sits at the boundary layer between the pre-creations densities and the creational densities. In can be the home of many higher selves, each higher self is yet another emanation of the individual’s archetypes/flames.

It’s sometimes better to think of the oversoul, higher self and archetypes as the created individual’s higher self-aspects. Ultimately, as the individual ascends, they will anchor each higher self-aspect into its own concept of reality. There is not one higher self, but many, each sitting in progressively higher layers of the pre-creational densities. As the created individual anchors one higher self-aspect, so the next highest higher self-aspect takes its place in the oversoul, until the last remaining higher self-aspect, that element we have named the god-head, becomes anchored within the individual, and that individual transcends the creational zone, and returns to source.

As already mentioned, one task of the oversoul is to project into the creational densities the individual incarnated aspects. To achieve this, it facilitates a space at the edge of the creational densities where the individual soul element which is to be incarnated can plan and design, and then implement the incarnation that is to become an individual life.

The exact process which is followed in the oversoul to plan for the future incarnated existence varies, and is unique to the individual to be incarnated. Often, incarnations are not done in isolation, for example, but instead a group of individuals incarnate together, each bound together with contracts, promises and hopes. The oversoul, together with the higher self-aspects, being bound to ensure these contracts and promises are kept over the lives of the incarnation group.

As part of the planning for a particular incarnation, the previous life of the individual soul aspect is considered. This includes the inherited karma and any other factors that may influence the life to be created. The core “mission” of each individual life to be incarnated is also considered, and forms a key driver for the individuals’ incarnation plan, which in turn influences the other members of this incarnational soul group and the subsequent contracts and promises. This also affects the chosen core abilities of the individual to be incarnated.

This complex process, of course, takes no time, this level of existence does not work in linear time. Therefore, it could be said, that on this level, everything happens simultaneously, all the lives that ever were and will be, created in the same infinitely small divine moment.


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