The Time-Sliced, Interpolated Multiverse

We live as humans, in a time-sliced, interpolated multiverse, where there is a universe for everyone, we each play a roll in each-others universe and there is one universe in which we are god.

Each One-God projects its universe into the multiverse. The multiverse is the totality of all One-God universes. Spirit uses Time-Slicing and Interpolations to cascade the universes together. Creating this shared reality that we find ourselves in.

The system is carefully balanced, so that for every “Bad” life, you get a balancing “good” life, and in this way at the source of yourself, all is balanced and fair.

The idea is that in order for the entirety of you, to remain sane, there should be a balance of right action with wrong action across the entire soul-space of you.

The Time-Sliced Interpolated Universe also comes with it the idea that all elements are equally important, in fact vital for the cohesion of the whole.

The Interpolated, Time-sliced Multiverse,

Has a Universe, for everyone

Where each is God of their own lands

And plays a part in everyone else’s merry band

Highest of the high

To lowest of the low

We play all those parts

So no-one misses out

And overall, there is balance

Between light and dark

Lifetimes of loss

Balanced by those of illumination

An infinity of universes

Each of us playing a role in each

The time-sliced Interpolated multiverse

Putting the “fair” back into God

For each is the supreme God of all

Yet also, the smallest of the small

And everything in between

We, the actors of all scenes

So no-one has it bad

And none are special

All the same, that’s us

Playing the game, for growth

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    We live as humans, in a timesliced, interpolated multiverse, where there is a universe for everyone, we each play a roll in each others universe and the[See the full post at: The Time-Sliced, Interpolated Multiverse]

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