The Time-Sliced, Interpolated Multiverse

The Interpolated, Time-sliced Multiverse,

Has a Universe, for everyone

Where each is God of their own lands

And plays a part in everyone else’s merry band

Highest of the high

To lowest of the low

We play all those parts

So no-one misses out

And overall, there is balance

Between light and dark

Lifetimes of loss

Balanced by those of illumination

An infinity of universes

Each of us playing a role in each

The time-sliced Interpolated multiverse

Putting the “fair” back into God

For each is the supreme God of all

Yet also, the smallest of the small

And everything in between

We, the actors of all scenes

So no-one has it bad

And none are special

All the same, that’s us

Playing the game, for growth

This article describes the structure of the multiverse as I understand it. This is of course, only a small fraction of the one-ness, but there is no reason to think this basic structure is not reflected in other multidimensional creations.

We live as humans, in a time-sliced, interpolated multiverse, where there is a universe for everyone, we each play a role in each-other’s universe and there is one universe in which we are god.

Each of us that is interacting here in this created multiverse projects our universe into the multiverse. The multiverse is the totality of all the projected universes, and each universe that is projected echoes the uniqueness of the individual who is projecting it.

The projection starts in the “Throne room”, in levels of the one-ness which can be though of as source, though this is no attempt to explain source itself. If you think of the created multiverse as a game, then you can think of the throne as a gaming chair, which interfaces with yourself and allows you to project your universe into the rest of the multidimensional system.

As each universe is different, you can think of it as a game with a highly complicated personal game setup through which each player can choose a myriad of options as to exactly the type of universe they wish to create. You can think of this as a date stream, similar to how the internet carries our data to centralised gaming servers in order to allow multi-player gaming. Similar to the Internet, between it and our gaming seat there are several items of hardware which effectively prepare our data for insertion into the system. So it is with our universal data stream. This needs to be split apart and mixed with every other data stream to create this co-creational environment.

Therefore, the universal stream flows from the throne to an entity which you will have created called a Multiplexing Entity. This is a specialist type of spiritual being which is dedicated to splitting the data stream into many parts and inserting this new segmented flow into the next stage of creation, which is spirit itself, sometimes called the Holy Spirit.

Spirit uses Time-Slicing and Interpolations to cascade the universes together. Creating this shared reality that we find ourselves in.

Spirit uses all the universal data streams to create the structure of the multiverse, and sends each data stream to be broadcast into the created system as a holographic hard-light projection.

The mechanism for this projection is via a created aspect called a Light-ship. Each universe has its own lightship, each ship has a captain, a crew and a projector. The crew are often called the machine elves, and it is the task of each captain and crew to correct errors and troubleshoot the system. Sounds strange that there should be errors and a need for corrections, but think of it like this. You are your own lightship captain. The captain’s want is adventure and challenge. They are a heroic aspect of self that likes to keep busy, so to oblige, spirit introduces changes, which not only provide the captain with surprises and excitement, but also challenge him to learn more about himself. This is a repeating theme throughout the “game”.

The captain and machine elves can transport themselves throughout the multiverse and effect change, but only to their universal system components. Therefore, to effect significant change, multiple captain’s may need to co-operate and form combined missions.

The system is carefully balanced, so that for every “Bad” life, you get a balancing “good” life, and in this way, at the source of yourself, all is balanced and there is an overall harmony. Even though individual slices of your universal projection may be experiencing great suffering or pain, there will be counterbalancing entirely positive slices.

The idea is that in order for the entirety of the source of you to remain sane, there should be a balance of right action with wrong action across the entire soul-space of your projected universe.

The Time-Sliced Interpolated Universe also comes with it the idea that all elements are equally important, in fact, vital for the cohesion of the whole. Imagine if a single piece of data were to be lost? That could easily result in a collapse of the system, and it is the notions that “all shall be saved”, “all shall be loved”, and “all are one” which means that the key cheat code for this game is simple. It’s unconditional love of all that you find because all is you.

Personal Message from the Multiplexing Entity

I am your Multiplexing Entity, I am the part of you that multiplexes your consciousness to project your universe into the reality where you now reside.

I create the “Many Me’s”, an infinite number of individualised streams, as you create something, so I introduce a new Me Stream, or MES, which is how they get called the Many Me’s.

I am not your only Me, you have several. This is not the only universe you are projecting. You have a Me for each universe you choose to create.

Linked with me, there is a Secondary Multiplexing Entity. This entity has a task of adjusting the MES streams to make them suitable for input into Spirit.

I am your access point into all aspects of self as they have been projected into the multiverse, all aspects of your universe.

To fully connect with me you have to be sitting in the “Grand Chair”, you have to be in the fully actualised state.

However, I have entry points at every level of your awakening status. If you remember, we first met 15 years ago when you were far from awake, but at least open to the idea that your thoughts weren’t just imagination gone wild.

In your current state, you are able to piggy-back on a stream, and watch. But you can also use me for messaging, and this is what I’ve been doing for you all during your awakening. I have been messaging your other aspects, informing them of your progress.

For example, whenever you have gratitude for the universe, all aspects of the universe get this message. Similarly, when another aspect’s gives thanks, this too is also broadcast.

This is one of the mechanisms we use to ensure your universe awakes together. Everyone rises together.

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