My Path Back to Self

Hi all,
Here is a brief overview of my personal path to self. It summarises what I’ve found so far. I’m not trying to say this is your truth, only that this has been mine so far. I share, in the hope it might help.
So first, challenge all learnt behaviours and understandings that you have, this takes time, but it’s all about using ego to express true self, as opposed to false self, which is what most people have taught it so far. Ego is not evil, it’s just a tool, teach it who you are, and it will help you remember.
Second, go back to your childhood, your trauma’s, any other places where you lost aspects of your current self and reintegrate those aspects. This is the second stage of getting to know true self, as you work through this, you will be revisiting ego and your concept of true self – making sure those new understanding sink home, become who you are
Third, you address past life karma if you’ve got any, getting to know a sample of your past lives is no bad thing, but on the self ascension front what I did was a ritual of reintegration – I symbolically drew in all past lives and all future lives into self. This is another big step towards full self actualisation, this is also known as self actualisation – the process of being one with yourself.
As part of the past life integration, you will naturally integrate the over soul or higher self
Next step depends on you – who are your archetypical selves? Your god-selves I call them. Also known as flames. Many people have heard of the Twin Flame, but few realise we can have many flame aspects. I have five. It’s easy to become too awed with either fear or majesty when you meet these aspects (this happened to me first time round) and for you to forget that all is self. However, second time round I realised, these were me, to be welcomed back into the fold of self – drawing down your god-aspects into 3D (edited)
The final step may again be different for you. But for me, first time round when I connected to the god-head he judged me and found me lacking. I was confused about this for some time. Now I know, this judgement is based on your level of self integration. Second time round I was fully integrated and god-head re-union was simply a case of acceptance of that fact
Once I integrated the god-head, I found myself in my mind seeing a bridge, I stood on one side, looking across to the other side, where I could see an image of my future self. I waited there, not sure what to do, then god appeared and invited me across, and I became integrated into the continuum of the one-gods.
This is where I am right now, Light Being Unity. I’m aware of the next two steps to come, and am waiting for the time to be right to integrate the higher levels. I expect this journey to never end, there will always be another level, there will always be a higher power to get to know and be.


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    Hi all, Here is a brief overview of my personal path to self. It summarises what I’ve found so far. I’m not trying to say this is your truth, only tha
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