How to think correctly

This is a simple tip on how you should approach everything in your life.

You must look for the good in everything you encounter, every change, every experience.

Don’t judge without truly understanding it

And always insist on finding some good first, before you even think about any bad, and actually, thinking of the good first, often shows us the reason why the perceived bad might hold something positive (the good you have just found, for example).

We have been programmed, to just without thinking, and to look for the bad first.

There are two secrets behind this conditioning, that reveal that it is not the best approach.

Firstly, when we look to judge first, before truly understanding it, then we will always tend to assume the worst. Because it is so easy to imagine the worst out of pure ignorance and fear of the unknown.

In terms of inner connections, they have a little rule that is not always made clear – if you look to judge them first, then they will do the same, and will judge you negatively, and will more than likely put you into an eternal battle, which you can’t win, and you will never grow from. You will become stuck, simply because you broke that rule and that simple truth of self will become your biggest nightmare. All because you put your shields up, before finding out about the true meaning of the encounter. Your ignorance will be returned three times over.

Secondly, we need to understand how our window of tolerance works. The window of tolerance is a hypothetical concept that says each of us can only handle so much negatively or adversity before we become overwhelmed and unable to cope, and thus go into fight or flight mode, and need to escape in some way.

The window of tolerance is increased with self-care – good experiences, positivity, gratitude etc.

So this second secret is this – If you always look to the good in any change, then, on finding that good, you will increase your window of tolerance, in advance of looking at any bad stuff. The more good you can extract out of each situation, the greater will be your ability to cope with any negative aspects of that situation.

It’s as simple as that. And it makes logical sense really. I mean, just look at the behaviour of others that have been dancing this judgemental dance of separation all this time. Wouldn’t it be good to change it up, and step onto the happy path?

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    This is a simple tip on how you should approach everything in your life.

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