Vision of Awakening to the Truth of Self


The Truth of Self is a website for those seeking to find and to share their truth of self, which is no easy task, for Selfism is a search for a unique truth, your truth.

We have created this site to help, to encourage and to share methods and techniques of seeking within, to allow all that come to explore their inner truth and in so doing to find the true divinity of self.

Those that seek the truth of self are Selfists and that may be our only commonality, for we are all so very different, have travelled many paths and experienced many expressions of the divine. We therefore gather knowing full well that our vision is our own unique truth of self, one in which we hope to find others that share the same dreams.

The Truth of Self is the website for seekers of truth, to help you explore and share your truth with others, and to work to encourage humanity wake up to its own collective truth.


If there is divinity, then there is no need for books, and no need to follow any other than self, for the path to the divinity of self is available to all, by searching within.

Selfism is the term we have adopted to describe those that seek their truth from within, it covers a great many beliefs and even more truths, truths that those who do not understand will deny and those that do will encourage and welcome.

We are all unique, and each has their own unique view of the divinity, based on the truth of self, for this reason we should expect each to have their own unique truth. Therefore when we share, we share many unique perspectives, and when those perspectives show similarity, then this is an unexpected joy.

Selfism, is not selfishness, to seek the truth of self is a selfless act, so seek your own unique truth and allow the world to benefit from another awakened soul in it’s midst, another true individual amongst the sleeping masses and with your help, they too may wake from their slumber and a new dawn of humanity may begin.

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