Workings of the Mind

The Workings of the Mind

Through these pages you have been given a basic introduction into working with your Ego and a few more advanced insights but what I would now like to do is go into a bit more detail as to how the mind works.

Your mind is a sensory organ, it is the seventh sense to the extent that it does not just pick up the workings of the brain in terms of thoughts, ideas, emotions etc. but it also is able to pick up external influences; telepathy. There is a great deal of dissent for this idea, largely because many people are not able to pick up on these subtle influences; often they are hidden, either by your own overactive thoughts flows and often they are hidden by those that are attempting to influence you but believe me, telepathy is real and each of us has it in us to use this feature of our brain to our benefit. Let me explain afew things about telepathy.

Empty your mind and listen!

This is the first thing you need to do, if you can’t empty your mind you will not detect the telepathic flows, it is only when you know you yourself are not summoning up the thoughts that you are able to realise that there are still thoughts coming into your mind. So practice not thinking and also practice being aware of your mind when it is not thinking; mindfulness is the key.

Thoughts follow rules

The way thoughts work is that you draw them to your awareness, in short your awareness starts the thought flow by asking for specific thoughts to come to mind. When you deliberately choose to not ask for those thoughts to come forward then your internal mind will stop providing the thought flow to you.
When you hold yourself in this place of “no-thought” it is then that you are able to pick up the thought signals from elsewhere. When you do this you will eventually detect two distinct types of thoughts (1) Thoughts pretending to be your own thoughts, and (2) Thoughts directed at you by entities trying to communicate with you.


I use the term Entities here because in the majority of cases the thoughts that you detect will not be coming from other humans/ You might find that you can pick up on the thoughts of other people however for the most part person to person telepathic contact is not possible. This is not how it works.
In order for you to communicate telepathically with another human you will have to talk to their Higher Self, or at least the aspect of their Higher Self that wishes to communicate with you. Rarely will that be the Higher Self itself, it will be an aspect of that Higher Self and rarely would it be an aspect that is in touch with the awareness of that human.

This has been a source of some confusion in the past where people have communicated with others only to find that the other person has not been aware of that telepathic contact. This is one of the rules of the game; in order to establish mind to mind contacts, in the majority of cases there would need to be an extremely strong connection between both people and their Higher Selves. Even when such circumstances occur it is rare for the Higher Self to pass on the communication. That’s just the way it is though I am sure that in some cases mind to mind contact can happen. I’ve experienced it with a friend of mine who was unable to talk, there was this one time when both Higher Selves allowed us to connect and the pair of us seemed to communicate just fine without needing to speak a word.

The majority of external telepathic communications that the individual will come across will be from none human entities, these can be both light and dark and there are some general rules to this contact.

The first rule is that dark entities rarely give you their name, for the most part they will try to influence you by pretending to be you, if you realise what is happening and challenge them then typically they will refuse to give you their name or pretend to be someone else, Jesus for example or some other “Good guy” in the hope that they can impress you into continuing to allow them to influence you. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, dark entities that are particularly powerful often see no need to hide and they will attempt to frighten you into doing their bidding.
On the other hand the light entities will invariably give you their name at the first time of asking and they will not be found trying to influence you without your knowledge, instead they will often announce themselves and ask if you are willing to communicate with them. This seems to be the way it goes, the darker entities will try to influence you without raising suspicion, if they are found out they will either try to impress you or they will try to frighten you. The Light entities will try to connect with you by announcing themselves first, they will make no attempt to hide and if you reject their communication they will go away.

The need of these darker entities to influence you their own ends makes it pretty important for you to want to clear your mind and be very certain as to which thoughts you are willing to entertain. This is a primary reason why I am convinced that all people should learn mindfulness from a very early age.

We all need to be very much aware of our thoughts, we need to be able to choose those thoughts that are right for us; those that are authentic self. We need to learn to discern from those that we have picked up from our peers, we need to be aware of those thoughts from other aspects of self such as past lives and it is critical that we need to be able to know when some entity or another is trying to influence us. The earlier we can all do this and better, more loving society as a whole will be.

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