A Truth of Self

A Truth of Self

As you work towards understanding self it is not uncommon for you to question the information that you are gleaning from your inspection of within. This is as it should be, you should always question the information you come across even when it comes from within.

However, the reason why you find yourself questioning this information so much is because of processes that go on in your mind related to Ego. Ego often requires validation and this means that it seeks for external information to give credence to the information it has. This is not always possible as the inner truth is your unique truth. Nonetheless it has the potential to make us feel lonely or isolated from others and a great many people find themselves seeking friendships with people who are experiencing equally unique truths. It seems no matter where you turn the need for validation through others can be a key driver in terms of the net we cast.

One mechanism that becomes involved is what I call the Self-Truth-Test, where an individual uncertain of the information they possess will try to bring conversations up that touch on these matters without drawing attention to the fact that it is from self. These conversations my go like “I heard some people think….”, this is entirely normal behaviour for early truth seekers, they have little validation and need to somehow feel that these truths can be accepted by others so they mention them as if belonging to other people to see what their peers think about it.

There is nothing wrong with seeking a little validation of ones emerging truth however it has to be noted that truths are often emergent and can often be misinterpreted by one’s own mind so the advice here is to go steady; realise that truth is a journey and that initial truths may develop into greater yet different truths to those originally envisioned.

This journey towards the truth of self can take quite a bit of time, it can take years for some people to get to a solid understanding of self and it has to be noted that in the early stages finding this truth is as much about removing self-disinformation that has been picked up along that way and that often we find that this disinformation has itself twisted our new found knowledge of self.

And so this is the journey towards a truth of self, at first the revelations seem big but in the end game they are just a small aspect of true self. And as these early revelations of self are gathered so too must other incorrect concepts of self be disregarded.
It is because we are remodelling self, going through iteration after iteration until we find a truth of self that is comfortable, each iteration becomes purer as we seek our ultimate truth.

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    A Truth of Self As you work towards understanding self it is not uncommon for you to question the information that you are gleaning from your inspecti
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    Throughly enjoyed this read! Makes much sense.



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