Knowing the divinity some refer to as God

An image representing God's from all pantheon's, to illustrate an article explaining that All God's have validity, and form part of a collective master pantheon.

The demons and other dark ones tend to sit in the hidden corner of God’s kingdom, They represent four of the sixteen pillars, though another four of those pillars are grey, and can be light or dark, but these grey four are not hidden and are represented within the 12 Elohim mentioned in the bible, though also hidden quite well. Jung found those, and I’m sure, the other dark four because you will not get far in your search within if you do not accept all of your dark, as well as all of your light.

It’s these sixteen, and variations of them that we see in the pagan gods, whose pantheon represents a truer, more balanced understanding of this divinity. However, things can get quite complex, each of these sixteen, come from four, and expand to the 144k archetypes in the master pantheon.

Every pantheon has tended to draw on its own slightly different variations of those main archetypes, the best understanding that can be got from books, therefore, is that in order to see as much of the divinity that we understand, all pantheons have to be viewed as valid.

However, one must also beware because the writings that we have of them, may be the result of a person in some sort of spiritual bypass, not able to see beyond what their mind will accept as true.

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