Dancing with the Devil part two – My dance with the Devil

One of the most difficult things to break, is the deep brainwashing we get from childhood. It’s such beliefs that can lead us to feel entirely justified in disliking and judging harshly aspects of the divine while thinking that we can love all of it.

We have been brainwashed to avoid, fear and hate parts of God and think it’s a good thing. Not realising that the idea is that unconditional love means just that: There is nothing you don’t love. How then will you love that which you avoid and do not want to understand?

Part of living in the moment means you can’t assume previous bad behaviour will be repeated. That includes bad behaviour inferred by others that you take on and project into your understanding of what their future behaviour will be.

Think about how most of us have a deep fear of such entities that are called “The Devil” or “Satan”. How many of us will instantly try to avoid even thinking of such names, and will reject most people that want to speak of them?

But the concept of the Devil has many guises.

For example, in Shinto, the indigenous religion of Japan, there is no concept of devils as found in some other religions. Instead, Shinto beliefs focus on ‘kami,’ which are spiritual essences that inhabit all aspects of nature and can be benevolent or malevolent depending on the context. The closest entity to a ‘devil’ might be certain ‘yokai’ or supernatural creatures that can cause harm or misfortune, but these are not considered inherently evil. Shinto practices emphasize harmony with the natural world and purification rituals to restore balance when it is disrupted, rather than the punishment or banishment of evil beings.

My personal testimony on a meeting with the Devil

Let me tell you about one of my experiences with the Devil. On my path of self-actualisation, I’d climbed into the source levels, beyond the heavens, and I first met what I called, the collective of the light beings. These are the versions of ourselves which are much more like our core divine being, before we entered into the creation and put on the masks of duality.

Some remains of duality do stay at this level, but it’s at these levels that you tend to leave fear behind, the deeper truth of unity replaces duality of oppositions that we tend to experience at the lower levels.

I then climbed further up my personal Jacob’s ladder, and I could see that as I climbed higher, the number of entities reduced, and this was a fractal expansion which was regressing with each step I climbed. I was travelling towards an origin point, it seemed.

Sure enough, I got to a point where everything below had stemmed from just two entities, two oppositional forces that created the energy, and the polarity that meant between them, they represented the entire spectrum of existence.

One of those two, was effectively the Devil, this Devil invited me to a dance. And his dance, was some kind of “I’ll show you my deepest darkest secret, if you will show me yours.” Dance of words and revelations, in my mind I could see the two of us floating in space.

As I entered further into this meditation, the Devil said to me, you can’t remember your deepest darkest secret, let me help with that. First, he showed me “before”,  and I immediately found myself back in my old pram when I was around 6 months old. And this was a me, I had no idea existed. It was the original happy me that was first born into this world, before I got sad, before that first trauma, that put me into my dark hole for so long. I was being pushed around Woolworth’s store by my mother and it was all so cool.

I didn’t realise at the time, but what the Devil had done, was he had given me access to my akashic records, which are actually more than just memories. They are some sort of living memories, which you can step into, and be the memory, which is what happened with me at that time, not only was I seeing myself in this innocent happy all accepting state, I was feeling it, it was wonderful.

Then the devil showed me “after”, which I knew very well. That withdraw, avoidant, unhappy child that was me for the next 40 years, in different guises. This was the me I recognised, and I now knew that I’d been like that from the age of 7 months.

Then the devil showed me the event. The story gets a little more complicated, because there was more work to do on that event, as you may imagine. That event itself, turned into a false memory, which I was able to collapse using logic and reason, to find that I’d created this false memory in order to hide from the guilt of what had actually happened. Or rather, the guilt my very childlike self felt for an incident I had myself blown out of all proportion.

I blamed myself for that event, and felt so much shame that I hid that memory behind two sets of false memories, which I’d become so fearful of, that every future dissociation was ultimately inspired by a need to further distance myself from that unbearable inner guilt.

Following that dance, I was able to move to the state of consciousness spoken of by Buddha; the void state. The mythical source of everything, the nothing state.

Now tell me about how you know this guy is bad and to be avoided?

This wasn’t the end of the story, in fact, it was the beginning of some very significant inner work, with my inner child. This resulted in a dream-based peak experience, where that realisation and understanding and acceptance had to flow through all of my later dissociated character aspects. It did so in a series of around 40 lucid dreams over roughly the same number of nights. Just one of those dreams was a peak experience in itself, having 40, consecutively, was a superb thing for me, a person who tends not to remember their dreams.

My dance with the devil was the beginning of my acceptance of my true inner darkness, and it was one of the highlights of my life so far, and personally, I would encourage everyone not to avoid the devil when it comes.

In my understanding, the mask of the Devil is worn by your best friend, to provide the presence required for you to understand the significance of the message it is conveying. It is your darkness that is being illuminated, the mask of the devil means you take it extremely seriously, every step of the way.

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    One of the most difficult things to break, is the deep brainwashing we get from childhood. It’s such beliefs that can lead us to feel entirely justified in disliking and judging harshly aspects of the divine while thinking that we can love all of it.

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