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Dancing with the Devil part two – My dance with the Devil

One of the most difficult things to break, is the deep brainwashing we get from childhood. It’s such beliefs that can lead us to feel entirely justified in disliking and judging harshly aspects of the divine while thinking that we can love all of it.

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The Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

The concept of a bridge to heaven, often visualised as a rainbow, is a motif that appears in various religious traditions, symbolizing the connection between the earthly and the divine.

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The Many that Become One – Armageddon

So I am me, I recognise my awareness, this unique sense of Self. And yet, I am one of many emanations of a one-god. And once this universe is over, my consciousness, along with that of every other incarnated self of that one-god, will collapse back to the one-god, merge together as one. Could you …

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Self Actualisation

Self Actualisation It is of increasing importance that those that are able self actualise to the highest degree. The more people that do this then the more light will be allowed to flow into this universe and the quicker the transformation to a higher dimensional reality. Self Actualisation Self actualisation occurs when one connects to …

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Self Actualise to Connect to your Divine Truth

  Self Actualise to Connect to your Divine Truth So it will be that in the kingdom of heaven the only truth that is allowed is divine truth, and what is this divine truth? The divine truth is a collective truth, the truth of self that is god, and it is we who make up …

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