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Judgement and the God of the Bible

In Christianity, the concept that judgment belongs to God alone is rooted in the belief that only God possesses the perfect wisdom and justice required to judge human actions and intentions fairly. This idea is supported by various scriptural references which suggest that while humans can make judgments about behaviour and actions, ultimate judgment is reserved for God.

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Matthew 4 – Satan tempts Jesus, reinterpreted

The story of the temptation of Christ, is a merging of three different visits by the devil, and the very last thing that happened was the testing for 40 days and 40 nights. I’ve tried to word it more accurately, but I too have distorted the truth, somewhat, to do that. To make it more understandable in the context of the original summarisation.

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Memes from The Gospel of Mary

Memes from The Gospel of Mary

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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
(The Gospel of Mary)

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The hidden role of Lilith and those other dark things

Lilith is a figure shrouded in mystery and steeped in various mythologies and folklore

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Characters and texts omitted by the Christian belief

Throughout history, various figures and beliefs from pre-Christian traditions and early Christian sects have been omitted or marginalized in mainstream Christianity.

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The Christian concept of sin, and the Mesopotamian god Sin

The concept of sin in Christian theology is multifaceted, often associated with moral transgressions and a separation from divine will. The God Sin, a deity from ancient Mesopotamian religion, was the god of the moon, which governs the night.

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Christianity – Genesis

The Christian Creation myth, as recounted in the Book of Genesis, begins with the profound declaration, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

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The Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

The concept of a bridge to heaven, often visualised as a rainbow, is a motif that appears in various religious traditions, symbolizing the connection between the earthly and the divine.

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Discovering the triple Goddess Brigantia

The Goddess Brigantia

In this article, I hope to explore the Goddess Brigantia in quite some detail. Whilst there is very little information available to use directly regarding Brigantia, we can look at other Goddesses in related cultures, and draw parallels and comparisons that may help us clarify exactly who Brigantia was.

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The void explored

ai generated, cosmic, celestial, void

Let’s compare and contrast how different cultures have imagined and represented the void in their cosmogenic narratives, and what implications it has for their world-view and cosmology.

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