How To Understand And Create Your Reality

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From our guest author, Holly Fox.

As discussed in the previous posts, the ego is likened to the brain’s default system. It is the subconscious thoughts that make your beliefs without having to actually think about what they are. You would be unable to use this default system, if you did not have any past thoughts. The subconscious-ego relies on your past thoughts to create the present. Therefore, the ego tells you what you think, how you see and ultimately this becomes how you behave. We see and interpret what we see due to our past thoughts. Wouldn’t that be kind of biased? Yes! Very!

Your ego acts as a belief checker. I call this a belief checker instead of a fact checker because it doesn’t matter if what you believe is false or true the ego will seek to prove it true. Your thoughts and beliefs become your world. You are the sole creator, (the cause, not the effect) of your reality. However, nothing seen by the ego could be reality because what is seen by the ego is born of perception. So nothing you see can possibly be 100% real or true. We can only conceive a very partial part of what is happening. We are able to digest what we see by compartmentalizing things as separate that can be defined only by our ability to compare and contrast against other things, due to our past thoughts.

So how can we take this information and use it to make us happier? Have you ever believed something to be true and then found out it wasn’t true?  However, upon this finding, you did not want to accept it because you had complied so much so-called evidence by your belief checker that this would collapse a whole-thought empire that you upheld around this belief? Feels like death almost, doesn’t it?

Let’s pick a belief you have about yourself that is probably giving you a case of the occasional sads. We all have them. What “I am” statements are you currently belief checking? For example: I am ugly. I am an asshole. I am selfish. I am a victim. I am depressed. What can you tell me that proves your “I” statement to be true? I am sure you have a lot of evidence piled up! You have had this belief and sought to prove its truth since the day you got it.

Now, entertain for a minute that what you believe is actually not true at all. Tell me what that would change? Can you even imagine the impact that would have on your life? Let’s take the ugly one for example. If you were to believe you weren’t ugly, you would perhaps participate in social activities more often. You would see people as not judging you and loving you for who and what you are. You would also see others as they are and not judge them on their looks. You would be more accepting of yourself. You would smile when you looked in the mirror. You would make eye contact and be confident. You would take mass amount of selfies. You would stop being critical of yourself and others.

Now, taking this a step further: Do you see how your beliefs about yourself also reflect how you see and interact with others? You mirror your thoughts. If you criticize yourself, you are going to, by your ego’s default system, criticize others. You do so without being aware that you are doing it! Why? Because it is your default! The ego is doing your thinking for you. Doesn’t sound like thinking at all—does it?

Today, take one of your default beliefs and instead of proving it true—prove it untrue. You can do this because as I stated earlier, nothing is 100% real or true just our beliefs make it be. So why not make your beliefs work for you instead of against you. Your beliefs can be limitless instead of limiting. Think of this as spring-cleaning your thoughts! Get rid of some of this old crap! If it feels like death, just try it on for a day. When you find yourself defaulting to your past beliefs, belief check yourself! Tell your ego, “Nope, we aren’t going there today, this does not match up with my better and improved belief.” And throw in some “I” statements.

**If anyone does this and would like to share their experience, I would love to hear in the comment section below and I might ask you to be in my book. Thanks!

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