From our guest author, Holly Fox.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a hug from Amma, the hugging saint. I am not going to pretend I know what this lady is all about because I don’t. I will tell you what I gathered from this experience, from my perspective and that is—LOVE. What is fascinating to me is that people regard those who have the ability to unconditionally love as saints and someone to follow and worship. I am not saying that unconditional love is not something that we should be in awe of but my question is: Why are we not able to do this all the time and do it ourselves? Why is someone that emits an unconditional love is seen as a rarity that thousands of people will line up for hours (my count was five hours) to be hugged by her? We all have this potentiality to emit unconditional love—yet we are layered with so many thoughts that become our obstacles to love that we are unable to do this.

This woman, Amma, has obviously chosen love over any thought outside of love and why shouldn’t she? Love is the most important, as it is the essence of creation and anything outside of the thought of love is merely a reaction, a resistance to love. Think about all of the hundreds of emotions you might experience in one day. Think of the one that brings you peace and joy—that is love. Love is the only peace to life’s puzzle that we need understand. Once we accept love of ourselves, then class is dismissed, the show is over and you can finally go home. Love is what we should choose every single day and every single time we are presented with a choice of choosing. Yet we will again and again choose something else in loves place. Let me take this time to point out that I do not consider myself exempt from this stupid phenomenon.

All the things we do—do not really matter. None of it does. We need not do anything; we need just be—love. If we can just accept this one and only detail and function that is the only one of importance, we would all become enlightened. Enlightenment is never a linear thing. You do not do A, B and C and then all the sudden you become enlightened. I could be sitting here on the couch and become enlightened right now! If I could accept this little known love fact. I could write a thousand blog posts and books on spirituality and quantum physics but unless I accept myself as an infinite and perfect being of love—I will not become enlightened. I will not get it. I will not learn the final lesson. I am not saying that these things we do are on our paths are not for a reason, as all life leads to the final discovery, but the path can become a lot less painful and treacherous if we just stopped and decided to accept love, as we are—perfect.

Love cannot be given. Why? Because I cannot give you what you already have. We already have all the love we need but a lot of us have yet to accept it. However, love can be shared and shown and the only way we can share love, is if we have accepted love for ourselves. And if we don’t accept love of ourselves, we will seek it by trying to get love through other people. And guess what folks—it doesn’t work that way. This is not the meaning of love. This is trying to replace what you already have and yet have not, for whatever reason, thought yourself worthy of accepting. To seek love in this way is the opposite of what love really is. And this is why seeking love through others, when you have not accepted it of yourself first, doesn’t work. I cannot give love to you, I cannot say: “Here take this love and now you have it forever.” You have to be the one to uncover and accept love—yourself.

Yesterday, I felt that Amma was sharing love. Amma emits love and has accepted her one and only role and has taken no other role as being more important in its place. Her role and function is literally being—love. We all have the ability to do this, or rather be this. I am sure most people might not want to hug people all day and that is fine, as I said what we do does not matter, only what we be and that while in human form, we are humans being—love.

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    From our guest author, Holly Fox. Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a hug from Amma, the hugging saint. I am not going to pretend I know what
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