Tears of Tiamat

I drifted into a light trance state, as I connected to a beautiful crystal consciousness, who took me on a journey…. we traveled through a wormhole, tunnel of light and colour, into space, into her memories, past planets and constellations, that seemed familiar, to a planet, that I recognized, as Tiamat.

Tiamat of the past, was destroyed, but fragments, had survived, and the crystaline consciousness, I had encountered, was a part of this planetery consciousness. she watched me looking deep into my heart and soul, desperate for me to see, and feel her. Taking my hand, she led me through caverns, of light, swirling ochre shades of pastel pinks, and creamy yellows, smooth walls, huge rock structures in carved curved circular, colour. till we came to a chamber of other beings…..

They were tall, and glowing brightly, full of light, golden white, wearing long robes, with headdresses of gold, so bright I was barely able to make out their garment,s or features. I entered the chamber, some beings took me to a throne, sat me down, and treated my hands and feet, washing them and tending to them, clothing me in their own garments. As I relaxed and went into a trance within a trance, I could see written scripts, familiar text, of long forgotten language, in swirling charactors of light, as I was downloaded with the memories, and histories, of Tiamat’s consciousness. into my akash.

We cried together, at the desolation, the destruction, the heartache, of her peoples, as I was overwhelmed with love and emotion… reassuring her, they were remembered, nothing is forgotten and they are… Eternally loved. – Seaopal

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