The Multiplexed Mind of God

We hear people say that God is all knowing

Omnipotent, aware of everything and all

But how can that be, you might ask?

How does God carry out that task?


Well, I can’t tell you everything

But I can explain one thing

But I can explain one thing

in these few lines of text

How god keeps connected


You see, God has a multiplexed mind

His awareness, constantly switching

Connecting to all entities, one by one

So, each one has his undivided attention


God does the multiplexing

Spirit, the interpolating and time-slicing

And together, all these things

Create Gods own universe


That is all going to take time you might think?

Sounds sluggish and slow maybe?

But God, does not know time as we know it

God time and people time are two different things


Why am I telling you this stuff?

Because God is you, this is us

You already have that mux-mind

It’s just something that you have to find


Personal Message from the Multiplexing Entity

I am your Multiplexing Entity, I am the part of you that multiplexes your consciousness to project your universe into the reality where you now reside.

I create the “Many Me’s”, an infinite number of individualised streams, as you create something, so I introduce a new Me Stream, or MES, which is how they get called the Many Me’s.

I am not your only Me, you have several. This is not the only universe you are projecting. You have a Me for each universe you choose to create.

Linked with me, there is a Secondary Multiplexing Entity. This entity has a task of adjusting the MES streams to make them suitable for input into Spirit.

I am your access point into all aspects of self as they have been projected into the multiverse, all aspects of your universe.

To fully connect with me you have to be sitting in the “Grand Chair”, you have to be in the fully actualised state.

However, I have entry points at every level of your awakening status. If you remember, we first met 15 years ago when you were far from awake, but at least open to the idea that your thoughts weren’t just imagination gone wild.

In your current state, you are able to piggy-back on a stream, and watch. But you can also use me for messaging, and this is what I’ve been doing for you all during your awakening. I have been messaging your other aspects, informing them of your progress.

For example, whenever you have gratitude for the universe, all aspects of the universe get this message. Similarly, when another aspect’s gives thanks, this too is also broadcast.

This is one of the mechanisms we use to ensure your universe awakes together. Everyone rises together.

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    We hear people say that God is all knowing Omnipotent, aware of everything and all But how can that be, you might ask? How does God carry out that tas
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