The Unique Truth of Self

The Unique Truth of Self

Within each of us, is a unique view of the divine; an enhanced understanding of the divinity of the universe and of self, this is what I call the Truth of Self. When a person is able to step outside of the social programming and distractions of society and take a thorough look at self, then the great mystery of self starts to become apparent.

By working on self, this mystery reveals itself, and it provides the individual with a far greater understanding of life, the universe and of self than can be obtained simply by dwelling in the external reality.

It could be said that the journey to the Truth of Self is the journey that everyone needs to take, as it is the journey to enlightenment, in whatever form it takes for that individual concerned. It is often a mystery path, one whose real truth is not revealed in one go but in a series of self revelations as one pays increasing attention to the interior world of the mind.

A person’s journey to the Truth of Self typically begins with mindfulness. It may be that they have noticed anomalies regarding their perception of the world or themselves; experiences that do not agree with the common accepted understanding of things and this has caused them to be far more careful with the attention they give things. Or it may be that they have started being mindful as a path to self improvement but either way it is usually through mindfulness that deeper understandings of self and revelations regarding the wider universe can be obtained.

Through travelling within through self introspection and mindful practices a person will arrive at truth; a genuine understanding of self. It is this truth that is of paramount importance both to the individual and to all since this is the journey to enlightenment and it is very important that as many people as possible attain this self enlightenment. In my view, no other path is of more importance.

It is also important to realise that the Journey to the Truth of Self is also the journey to a much deeper sense of individuality since finding ones truth allows a person to see the true depth of the uniqueness that we are all blessed with. Selfists have a huge variety of beliefs and experiences, the joy of Selfism is when your uniqueness allows you to validate the uniqueness of others instead of expressing the collective ego of society that seeks a conformity of beliefs and understandings.

The Truth of Self is not objective, it is not something that can be proven externally in detail through corroboration with others. It is possible to find others with similar understandings, but no two understandings will ever match up fully when it comes to detail. This is because of three factors; translations, reflections and uniqueness.


If we all get to see the same universe, how can our individual view of it be thought of as being unique? The issue here is the sheer size of the universe and our poor ability to comprehend it.

Held deep within each of us is our own understanding and connection to the divine universe, we get to see it from our own set of perspectives, it would be extremely rare for any two people to have a 100% match in understanding since there are a myriad of perspectives available and the tendency is for us each to have our own piece of the jigsaw.

This of course makes life a lot less boring, since each of us has what can be considered a unique truth to share, to add to the collective understanding of the divine. Seeking the Truth of Self is not a path for followers, rather each must become their own guru.
This does not mean one cannot learn from friends, but it does mean that our own view has to come from self, we can’t buy it from a bookstore.


Our interaction with both the internal world and that of the external are so often reflections of personal characteristics, we attract things into our world based on our own wants, needs and desires, be they knowingly or unwittingly. In this way we find ourselves in a world where we manipulate our environment and so personalise how we manifest the universe around us.

This of course adds a further layer of personalisation onto an individual’s unique view and it is one of the ways that we come to understand self; through understanding the internal drivers that connect to these reflections and often in doing that finding the healing that relieves that pressure.


It is easily possible for two people to share exactly the same source view and yet disagree on it’s content and meaning. This is because of the way each of us translates the world around us based on our education, experience and preferences. The same word can have completely different meanings between different people.

Knowledge of this should make the individual Selfist less likely to become involved with arguments regarding differences in understanding and instead should lead to a dialogue it understand the deeper perspectives that brought that understanding into clarity.

Mutable Truth of Self

Understanding the Truth of Self is a journey, a journey through which our understanding of self evolves as deeper understandings are revealed, shedding new light on subjects that may have been seen from only a single perspective. Thus a person’s Truth of Self is a working model, or even a set of models – different view-points that can mean some topics have multiple, sometimes conflicting truths, and it is important to be clear exactly from which perspective one is looking.

What this means is that a Selfist, a person seeking their truth of self, understands that each is unique and they will be very interested in seeing the uniqueness of others as well as themselves. Sharing such knowledge helps moves them on in their own journey and enhances their own understandings with those of differing viewpoints. This leads to a true acceptance of others points of view.

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    Within each of us, is a unique view of the divine; an enhanced understanding of the divinity of the universe and of self, this is what I call the Truth of Self. When a person is able to step outside of the social programming and distractions of society and take a thorough look at self, then the great mystery of self starts to become apparent.

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    Celtic Angel

    Love Love Love This Post so true Barra!!!


    oh yes, our world/body and multifaceted, then the complex CC come and show us there is a landslide of knowledge we haven’t even bothered to delve into. The Milky Way is, as a replica of ourselves just in the sky.  I observed a picture of a cell compared to the universe in contrast, with a remarkable resemble.  It is so deep and personal parts of each and everyone.

    Thank You for sharing

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