Following your Path

 Following your Path


Following your Path

There is often much discussion and disagreement about the path a person takes, so what is this “Path”, how do you get on it and can you take a wrong turn?

In spiritual terms, the path is the energetic flow towards the future, it is the current “now” and it is also the lessons that have been learnt. Technically everyone is on a path, each path is unique and each path can be described as the string of lessons a person needs to learn in order to reach their ultimate goal of full enlightenment.

There is often a lot of debate about if someone can be on the wrong path, in my view there is only one path for each of us, we do not know for sure where it will lead exactly, and when someone is said to be on the wrong path, what is really meant is that they are failing to learn the lessons that their path is bringing to them, and this means as far as their spiritual growth is concerned they are not moving forward.

So what are these lessons?

Each individual that is incarnated here on earth comes to this plane of existence with karma – lessons that where not learnt in previous lives that will prevent that individual from moving forward if they are not learnt. Each individual is unique and their karma will be unique to them. Typically, whilst we choose to incarnate here on earth as the best place to learn those lessons, the incarnation process itself will wipe our memories of this karma in order that we can face those lessons afresh. However there are often clues for those that are aware and are mindful.

Another way of looking at it is that each of us is a unique expression of the divine and we are tasked with expressing our own unique divine path, it is up to us to find our way and lessons are presented to us by the universe in order to be guideposts towards that expression. To fully express this is our challenge and it involves courage, foresight, strength of character and self-confidence. Ultimately the individual that completes this challenge will have the option of “stepping off” the cycle of reincarnation and this option is perhaps the beginning of an individual’s free-will.

Getting on Track

So, as you walk through life the universe will present you with challenges, if you fail to correctly negotiate a challenge then it will return in one form or another. The trick is often to realise when this is happening and to make changes to your response in order to be successful and move on to the next challenge. The purpose for these challenges is ultimately for you to come to a full understanding of self – to view ones true nature – how you respond to the challenges is in itself part of that journey of self-understanding. Therefore you should be aware that there is a positive side to every adversity that you will face and that adversity is itself part of your own spiritual growth.

Of course there are many who do not believe in past lives however this does not really matter, what matters is the here and the now: You are a spiritual being, learning to be your perfect divine expression and the path that you find yourself on is the perfect path for you.

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     Following your Path Following your Path There is often much discussion and disagreement about the path a person takes, so what is this “Path”, how do
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