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The Human Illusion vs Integrated & Implemented Unconditional Love

From our guest Author – Inanna Eanna

There is a LOT of fancy vocabulary going around these days. So many people claim to have partly or fully integrated higher truths that they in fact never even fully have come to comprehend – it’s merely theory. Having said that, here’s a contradiction and a fact: not that theoretic knowledge necessarily is necessary for (achieving) an open heart.

But sticking to the initial note: how many out there actually WALK the talk?

How many are ALL TALK?
Most. Truth be told.

It’s not about fancy words, it’s not about being “kind by choice” to a chosen few. It’s not about winning the smiling competition. True heart opening means that BEING HUMBLE SELFLESSNESS is the Primary Basic “Instinct”. In short: it’s now the program that’s running the show.

Managing a “loving” attitude when life is good, amongst people you like, respect, appreciate, enjoy and love is NOT in itself a sign of how “far” you’ve come. The ultimate test is to manage weeks, months and years on on end in really tough locations and environments with high density, interacting with people who themselves hold a low vibration – without losing your balance, without stooping to the level of others, without dropping in energy level.

For Ascended Masters that’s a fact 24/7, 365 days a year, No Matter What.

Once you manage to stay in balance, and truly interact with neutral LOVE as your only agenda, with a truly generous and well-meaning – constant – energy output, with ALL people (not just your chosen few) and in ALL situations you come across, then you’ll know that you have indeed activated your Higher Heart Chakra, and are now operating from a higher frequency.

You need to reach this step before a complete Heart Opening: “One-ness”, with and through Christ Consciousness Energy and higher frequencies of Source Consciousness Energy is possible. (Please note that “Christ Consciousness Energy” is not to be confused with the biblical person once incarnated as Jesus.)

When the above describes your reality to a larger degree than not, then you can rest assured that your Higher Heart is truly activated and operating from a higher frequency.

Heart opening on a higher level is happening when you LITERALLY, through and through, – heart, mind and soul – transcend beyond “suffering”; self-pity, denial, feelings of vengeance, hatred and retribution. It is when you, through and through, wish that others – ALL OTHERS – do as well as, and better than you. Once there, you’ve moved beyond KNOWING that love is the answer – you now ARE that love frequency, in action.

It’s when you not only support friends, loved ones, acquaintances and strangers during hard times – but also truly enjoy seeing other people rise to their fullest potential: your happiness grows with their increasing happiness; with their being in love or becoming successful in what they do and achieve. No matter where you yourself are in your life in that moment.

It’s when you no longer identify with, or nourish, other people’s lack of self-love; neither by becoming codependent nor by encouraging them to become dependent on you or your support. You understand the difference between sympathizing and showing compassion and live and work accordingly.

♥ It is the one who, when seeing evil, ACTS – in a real and definite way, and who understands that sending light and love to the ABUSERS is as important as attending to the victim, in fact: more so – be it a single person, a state or various groups. People who operate from the Sacred Open Heart don’t respond by acting out, or by sending out energies of hatred, nor do they wish for, agree with, or propose vengeance and retribution. They know, understand and LIVE the fact that only pure frequencies of unconditional love can heal the pain that otherwise causes even more pain in this world.

♥ It is the teacher who truly wishes for his or her students to become, reach and achieve ten or a hundred times more then they ever managed themselves, and whose ultimate goal is to assist growth in others and the world on a/to the level where their services are no longer necessary.

♥ It is the one who wishes limitless prosperity and happiness and LOVE for every living being they meet, for every living being on the planet, without exception – and do whatever they can, in the moment, to help others along the way, with a happy, loving and content heart.

♥ It is the one who is fully aware of any one-sided selfish wants, needs, urges, weaknesses and limitations they may still carry – and no longer acts on them; they’re no longer a “victim” to them. They can see other people’s lack of balance for what it is and no longer allow it to affect them on a personal/emotional/vibrational level. They’ve left the low vibrating auto-response stage and taken full responsibility and control of their Earthly vessel and BEing.

♥ It is BEING selflessness without reflecting over the fact.

We’re all growing, all here to evolve, and it’s no competition. But it is a fact that really great leaps of personal/spiritual evolution require:

Absolute Truth, Insight and Transparency when it comes to Self:

– crystal clear, and sometimes brutal.

See and acknowledge Thy Self – ALL OF YOUR PARTS, from the darkest dark to the brightest light – without blinders.

That is the only way of becoming what you (say) you’re looking and longing for.:


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