Theorising on hate

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I was theorising on some spectrums of hate the other day, and I concluded that there are some narrow bandwidths of hate which are entirely allowed, as they are harmless and also spur us into action.

The obvious example is that you’ve just bought a new house, but you hate the colour of the door. This spurs you to do some painting, and you now love your door.

That kind of none personified hate is fine. It’s when we personify the hate, that is when things can get dodgy because by holding hate, we cast a spell on ourselves. It’s like a sailing ship putting under way whilst periodically throwing out an anchor, at best, it holds you back, by trapping you in a past event that is long since over. At worst, you can damage the ship, and again, delay your journey as you head to port for repairs. This means that hating objects that hold a personified meaning is not a good option.

Also, you should aim to hold on to any hate that you have only for so long as you need it. Try not to hate anything that you, yourself can’t take action to change it into a loved, or acceptable item. Remember, hate is rejection, with your hatred of others, you are rejecting their divinity, you are rejecting God.

I think flash hate is also OK, but it needs to remain a flash, and not escalate into something that will ruin part of your day with negativity. So tell the driver who just cut you up where to go, that’s fine, but then be done with it. Don’t fall into the trap (which I fall into) of watching like a hawk for more errors through which to increase your outrage.

Remember, God might be talking to that guy, right now, he might have got a bit confused, but it’s all good, this might even have been a sign about your own journey, is it God trying to tell you something too?

Try to slip into this line of thinking about all of your challenges, and you will find, there are indeed messages to be had. Thinking this way, you can divert your triggers into positive territory and move yourself back into path-listen mode.

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