Twin Flames and the Journey of Life

Twin Flames


In the beginning there was a thought, the owner of that thought was god and within that thought there were all the sub-thoughts for the whole of creation and more besides.

One of those myriad god-thoughts would eventually create the individual that is you, but before that happened the god thought of self had to undergo some changes.

There are two stages of the god thought, there is the pre-creation thought and there is the creation thought. In order for the pre-creation thought to make the creation that is self that thought goes through a process that I know as the Splitting of the Flames.

In my own mythology of self, in order to bring this thought of self into existence it must first be spoken by a god, that god is known as the personal god-head, whose mouth first utters your name and brings into the universe the god-thought of self. There are many god-heads.

This is the pre-creational thought of self, or rather it is a thought of self’s since within it exists every version of self that will exist throughout the whole of time.

After being uttered by the god-head the pre-creation thought of self travels in pre-creational space and in that place the god-thought of self splits into two or more components, this is the splitting of the flames and it is where the term “Twin Flame” comes from. Many people hold the belief that this god-thought of self splits into two, into a male and female component and it is these components that are the divine twin flames.

What many do not realise is that actually there can be more then one split, and that the god-thought of self can split into several flames and that these flames can have differing purposes, there can be other twins, male and female and there can be archetypical selves – gods selves etc.

However, it is my understanding that it is typical for the primary male and female components of the flames are what are typically called the twin flames, and it is these components, often along with others that continue their journey into creation and ultimately into our incarnated selves.

However, a flame does not equate to a single incarnation, a flame becomes the over-soul for existence of the many selves of the incarnated self. Another term for an over-soul is a Light Being.

It is really these over-souls that can truly call themselves twin flames because once we get to incarnation then each over-soul can choose to incarnate many selves in various times and locations and it is for this reason that incarnated humans rarely meet with what is termed a twin flame.

Don’t get me wrong, it does happen, twin over-souls can choose to co-create their opposites in the same time and place in order to arrange for them to meet however I believe this tends only to happen towards the end of the incarnation journey in that particular experiential zone. This is the reason for its rarity.

Bear in mind that an over-soul exists outside of time and our understanding on linear time does not apply to them, they can therefore choose to incarnate the next life in the past of a previous and also there is nothing to stop them arranging for several selves to exist within the same time, so it is a complicated picture.

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