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The Time-Sliced, Interpolated Multiverse

The Interpolated, Time-sliced Multiverse, Has a Universe, for everyone Where each is God of their own lands And plays a part in everyone else’s merry band Highest of the high To lowest of the low We play all those parts So no-one misses out And overall, there is balance Between light and dark Lifetimes of …


Stop projecting your shadow!

“The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.” ~ Carl Jung.

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The Influence of the Archetypes.

The Influence of the Archetypes. The archetypes are the divine essences of the Creator Beings – the light beings. They infiltrate our environment on many levels. This article discusses how they influence our soul, and our eternal character. The soul is the creation of the oversoul, but each individual soul has further influences which stem …


Tears of Tiamat

trance state vision in astral.


Training the Ego – 10 – More Insight on Recurring Negative Thoughts

10 – More insight on Recurring Negative Thoughts There can be many sources of repeating negative thoughts, the type I would like to discuss here are those that seem to have their own life and are brought about by severe breakdowns in a person’s character, often these seem to be another person talking to you …


Training the Ego – 9 – Meditative Healing Journeys

Intuitive Healing Journeys through Meditation It is important to learn the ability to go on an intuitive healing journey while meditating. There are common issues people face in the form of fears that prevent or interfere with their true expression of self. An example I was recently giving advice about was the case of a …


Training the Ego – 8 – Recurring Negative Thoughts

Recurring Negative Thoughts Once you have worked at being mindful for some time, you will become aware that there are some thoughts and feelings that you struggle to eradicate. These include anger, fear, depression, hate and various other negative thoughts and emotions that you would rather be free from. This is because most of us …


Training the Ego 7 – Ego and Labels

7. Ego and Labels Ego works in a similar way with our memories of interaction as Internet search engines do with tags – web pages are tagged with a group of labels that make it easier to seek out common information based on looking up those labels. The major difference is that ego labels us …


Training the Ego 6 – Working with Ego – Full Mindfulness

6. Working with Ego – Full Mindfulness Full Mindfulness As you work towards quieting the mind and increasingly study your thought processes you will find that you automatically start to become fully mindful and you will begin to work with ego in the way I am about to suggest. The Ego presents to you thought …


Training the Ego 3 – Working with Ego – A mind without thoughts

3. Working with Ego – A mind without thoughts Now that I’ve laid out the basic principles of ego management it is probably wise if I look into the practicalities of working through this process, to give you an idea of some of the activities that you can do as practical exercises to help you …


Training the Ego 5 – Living in the Now

Training the Ego – 5. Living in the Now An awful lot of people concern themselves far too much with the future or the past. Dwelling on these things often leads to anxiety or self-blame as one looks at past “mistakes” or future challenges in a negative light. Such thoughts are almost always undesirable and …


Training the Ego 2 – Training your Ego

The first thing to understand is that ego is quite complex and therefore there is a lot to learn. This means that although I will tell you here the basics there are more advanced aspects of ego that might lead you to think that the training is not working. Also some aspects of ego are …


Training the Ego 4 – Working with Ego – Starting to be Mindful

4. Working with ego – Starting to be Mindful   Mindfulness is the process of anticipating and choosing the right thoughts for you. A great many thoughts are learnt from others unwittingly and some of these can cause us to think or behave in ways which afterwards we decide are undesirable. Some of these thoughts …


Training the Ego 1 – What is Ego?

What is Ego? There are number of interpretations regarding what ego is, so I am going to tell you my own interpretation, which I find easy to understand and useful. “Ego is an intelligent part of our conscious and unconscious mind that connects us to all self-learning functions, be they physical or mental, both simple …


How to Save the World

From our guest author Holly Fox Tell me everything about yourself: What makes you? Now, put all those things that make you in a box—a big box if you have to. Can I take those things in that box and make you? No? What am I missing? What cannot be put in that box? What …

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Awakening to the Truth of Self

Awakening to the Truth of Self The Truth of self is not the truth of self most people are used to, it is a deep understanding of true self that often takes years of self-introspection in order to obtain, This is the challenge all humans have; Obtaining an understanding of their authentic self when the …


Workings of the Mind

The Workings of the Mind Through these pages you have been given a basic introduction into working with your Ego and a few more advanced insights but what I would now like to do is go into a bit more detail as to how the mind works. Your mind is a sensory organ, it is …


A Truth of Self

A Truth of Self As you work towards understanding self it is not uncommon for you to question the information that you are gleaning from your inspection of within. This is as it should be, you should always question the information you come across even when it comes from within. However, the reason why you …


Self Actualisation

Self Actualisation It is of increasing importance that those that are able self actualise to the highest degree. The more people that do this then the more light will be allowed to flow into this universe and the quicker the transformation to a higher dimensional reality. Self Actualisation Self actualisation occurs when one connects to …


What does Quantum Physics have to do with Spirituality? Everything!

From our guest author, Holly Fox. In order to engage the topics of the matterless, time, space and all things unseen with the naked eye (including your spirit), we will have to turn to the part of science that dares go where its linear-thinking counterparts can no longer think straight—quantum physics. Quantum physics, like the …


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