Creating a New You!

Creating a new you!

Mindfulness is not just a way to happiness and self knowledge, it is a way to create a whole new you!. As you shake off the old way of being; the false self that society caused to you create, you get to discover yourself anew, only this self is your authentic self, your true self. The self that you were meant to be.

This is the joy of awakening, it is a journey of discovery that allows the individual to delve into their hidden depths and to discover exactly how unique each of us really are.

This is what is called becoming reborn, a term that is often misused when indoctrinating people into religious sects, the true meaning of becoming reborn is to find your true self. It is a journey that involves collapsing your old ego, relearning what it is that you enjoy and how you wish to portray that self to the outside world. It is an amazing journey of discovery.

Its always an amazement to those that become reborn to discover just how much of self they did not know, they travel a path of shedding the old ways which leads to seeking truth through questioning self; finding out exactly which part of self those thoughts came from, in doing so finding and rediscovering aspects of self that have long been forgotten, finding entirely new aspects that were never before on the surface. It’s a journey that takes time, patience and persistence.

It is as if this journey has been mapped out for all; the loss of self during childhood and adolescence, the wilderness years spent copying and trying to please others and then finally, if you are lucky, the realisation that there is a true self hidden between ego and the unconscious mind.

I often wonder if the false self is what some religions call the sinful self, since this is the lie that hides truth from us, and once we find our true self then we will find the divinity of life itself and the path to Source, which some call god.

Do not blame ego for hiding true self from us for ego is only doing what was asked all those years ago, when our uniqueness brought us unhappiness from a world that could not stand individuality, it was then that we decided to hide our light, and ego, being he servant it is, obliged us by helping us forget those aspects of self that brought about our despair.

Ego is an aspect of self and cannot be lost. It is a servant and it does what we ask of it and like all aspects of self it needs to be loved. For it is only with loving care can we teach ego how to be oneself.

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