The Role of Belief Systems

The role of belief systems


Your world revolves around belief systems, belief systems are a critical and key part of life, they can allow a person to envisage new beliefs and understandings, but they can also constrain, and lead to avoidance of truth and also the misinterpretation of it. To any person seeking to find their truth of self it is important to realise that all is belief and that all beliefs can change and should change when new experiences and insights are allowed to trigger internal transformation.

There are different types of beliefs; “Hard” beliefs are firmly held, soft beliefs are less solid. However, every belief has an impact on how we interpret the world, and it is important to realise that the more firmly you hold your beliefs the less able you are to see your own truth of self. This is because firmly held beliefs affect what we allow ourselves to understand, they constrain our view of the world into tightly defined boxes that may also preclude or exclude other boxes that could be seen.

If you are going to genuinely discover your truth of self then you need to learn to be more flexible about your belief systems. Realise the simple truth that to hold to a belief firmly is merely a decision, and one can choose to weaken the impact of such beliefs by choosing to relax their hold. Doing so will allow you to explore other beliefs and understandings more fully. Especially those that come from within.

Slackening our grip on beliefs is a key part to exploring our own truth of self, it is often used in conjunction with intuition and other forms of inner guidance to seek new inspiration about self.

You see, exploring your truth of self, using meditation, intuition and other forms of inner guidance means that you will come across such things that may conflict with existing beliefs in what is possible. For example, you may find that you have memories that might not be yours and yet seem to embody a key aspect of your life story. Such things are often emerging aspects of our truth and these need to be pondered without worrying about any conflicts with existing beliefs.

The task is not to simply accept these emerging insights as absolute truth, but to consider them part of an emergent understanding, something that needs time and effort in order to explore. Information such as this, which comes from within and yet is outside of our realm of experience so far often become the foundation of a person’s self-truth. Seemingly a new found and extraordinary aspect of our imagination, the more these are investigated, the greater our knowledge of self becomes. Sometimes these are false beliefs that actually lead ultimately to higher points of wisdom, a person’s path can have many twists.

So part of the path of a seeker of the truth of self is to develop a healthy sceptical acceptance of the information you receive. And to be able to hold these “truths” alongside other more mundane truths whilst their impact on our lives is better understood.

When we choose to explore self, a common method is through intuitive meditative journeys. Often we are inspired to take such a journey because of dreams we have had that seemed to give clues as to higher wisdom about self. In a dream it is often difficult to control events so as to maximise our understanding and exploration of them. Information received via dreams can be augmented by choosing to consider their content during meditation.

So it is important for a seeker of truth of self to develop an open minded approach to the information that one receives during dreams, meditations, intuitions etc. Such information needs to be taken seriously and in order to do that a person needs to have the self confidence to be able to weaken their dependence on existing belief systems and be able to adopt lesser beliefs, often temporarily whilst the truth of self is explored using this new information.

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    Great post!  Ties in very nicely with your post  on personal truth and  explains similar aspects I was getting at in my reply.


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