shadow work … root chakra,- September 07, 2020

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As I closed my eyes, and gently placed my hand over my lower abdomen, taking a deep breath, I set my intention, to enter into my root chakra… as I entered, I thought about opening and re-activating, that energy center.
I found myself in a gloomy and peacefully, silent place… which looked like a partially ruined chapel, grey stones walls, grey stone flagged floor and in the center of the room was a grey stone rectangular, memorial tomb… over the tomb was a dieing brier with a large withered dried and papery looking rusty rose, laying across the tombstone…. looming over the the tomb and the rose was a huge stained glass window,through the gloom of the darkness, in the room very faint rays shone through with no colour…
As I gazed with intent at the gloomy and melancholy scene, I saw the rays of light brightening and glowing with irredescent, jewelled colours through the beautiful stained glass window, refractured light rays of gemmed garnets and rubies, the light was getting brighter and shining directly onto the withered and dieing rose, which immediately regained colour and started to plump up the petals blood red, filling the flower with lifeblood and light, as the rays of light fed the rose it grew larger and livelier, the briers growing like wires, being flooded with energy, crawling across everything in the room, like living tendrils of life.
Feeling satisfied with progress,that the rose was now healing and activated, sending the energy to other parts, of my body, I left the room and moved to the next one….

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