A Truth of Self

A Truth of Self As you work towards understanding self it is not uncommon for you to question the information that you are gleaning from your inspection of within. This is as it should be, you should always question the information you come across even when it comes from within. However, the reason why you …

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Self Actualisation

Self Actualisation It is of increasing importance that those that are able self actualise to the highest degree. The more people that do this then the more light will be allowed to flow into this universe and the quicker the transformation to a higher dimensional reality. Self Actualisation Self actualisation occurs when one connects to …

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What does Quantum Physics have to do with Spirituality? Everything!

From our guest author, Holly Fox. In order to engage the topics of the matterless, time, space and all things unseen with the naked eye (including your spirit), we will have to turn to the part of science that dares go where its linear-thinking counterparts can no longer think straight—quantum physics. Quantum physics, like the …

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Creating a New You!

Creating a new you! Mindfulness is not just a way to happiness and self knowledge, it is a way to create a whole new you!. As you shake off the old way of being; the false self that society caused to you create, you get to discover yourself anew, only this self is your authentic …

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Twin Flames and the Journey of Life

Twin Flames In the beginning there was a thought, the owner of that thought was god and within that thought there were all the sub-thoughts for the whole of creation and more besides. One of those myriad god-thoughts would eventually create the individual that is you, but before that happened the god thought of self …

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An Introduction to Meditation

An introduction to Meditation Meditation is typically one of two things, it can be a method of gaining deep relaxation, or it can be a method off focussing the mind on a topic, such as self introspection in order to lead one to find internal truths that were not obvious to the normal waking mind. …

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Vision of Awakening to the Truth of Self

The Truth of Self is a website for those seeking to find and to share their truth of self, which is no easy task, for Selfism is a search for a unique truth, your truth. We have created this site to help, to encourage and to share methods and techniques of seeking within, to allow …

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Ego and Soul Splits

Ego and Soul Splits During our childhood we have trauma that distresses us, we come to hate that aspect of self that we feel brought about that hurt to us and we seek to get rid of this. Without speaking, ego seeks to hide this aspect of self from us, so that we are no …

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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations Meditation is a way of relaxation, it can also be a way of self exploration and also, through guided meditations it can be a way of reprogramming self. As we travel through life, we can easily learn or pick up some bad habits of the mind, thought processes that are not conducive, all …

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Inherited Karma

Inherited Karma This next subject starts to introduce some aspects that readers may not agree with or understand, however I am going to write my thoughts on the subject and just “put them out there”, it’s the first time I have really wrote about the spiritual side of the individuals mind and as things go …

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Dream symbology, rebirth.


Strange dream,  I can only recall, a part of it, that was quiet, vivid and stood out. A dark cloaked figure, with the head of a Jackel,  Anubis,  in his priest robes, he was standing, looking over a vast empty, but beautiful view, horizon,  then he vanished into the ground, leaving his robes in a …

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How to build a happier self! – Some useful methods to manage psycho-physiological states.

    Energy, Emotions and the Past It is of deep importance at this time in human evolution for those committed to self growth to work on releasing and transmuting their own stagnated energies held within the body’s energetic system, created when we experience personal traumatic events. Unresolved personal traumas cause blockages, imbalance and leakages in our …

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Working with Intuition

Working with intuition Once you have cleared your mind of its clutter, there is room to start exploring self, and the way to explore self is through intuition. Intuition can be very difficult to tune into at first, since it is often the quietest of voices, particularly it seems in men. Women are often more …

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Structure of Belief Systems

The Structure of Belief Systems In a previous post, I spoke about how important it was to have an open belief system that enables new belief structures and understandings to sit alongside those already there. In this post I’d like to cover how these beliefs work to constrain and often filter our understanding of the …

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The Unique Truth of Self

The Unique Truth of Self Within each of us, is a unique view of the divine; an enhanced understanding of the divinity of the universe and of self, this is what I call the Truth of Self. When a person is able to step outside of the social programming and distractions of society and take …

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Following your Path

 Following your Path Following your Path There is often much discussion and disagreement about the path a person takes, so what is this “Path”, how do you get on it and can you take a wrong turn? In spiritual terms, the path is the energetic flow towards the future, it is the current “now” and …

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Heart Opening

The Human Illusion vs Integrated & Implemented Unconditional Love From our guest Author – Inanna Eanna There is a LOT of fancy vocabulary going around these days. So many people claim to have partly or fully integrated higher truths that they in fact never even fully have come to comprehend – it’s merely theory. Having …

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Dealing with Emotional Attachments

Dealing with Emotional Attachments When we deny emotions and feelings from self, we find ourselves requiring those emotions and feelings from others, sometimes we demand the inverse, and so a person that denies themselves of love from self, will either demand it from others, or they will demand hate or dislike from others. This is …

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The Role of Belief Systems

The role of belief systems Your world revolves around belief systems, belief systems are a critical and key part of life, they can allow a person to envisage new beliefs and understandings, but they can also constrain, and lead to avoidance of truth and also the misinterpretation of it. To any person seeking to find …

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Shamanism: Soul Splits and Soul Retrieval

Shamanism; Soul Splits and Soul Retrieval In Shamanic terms, when a trauma causes the individual to reject an aspect of self, this is termed the splitting of the soul. The concept is that an individual’s soul is the totality of self and when we reject an aspect of that totality we stop communicating with that …

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